Picture of Repair a ball joint with a bike innertube
Unfortunately when I repaired my cracked abs sensory ring I busted the dustcover on my ball joint and on modern cars you cant always just exchange the ball joint but have to exchange the whole lower control arm which is three times more expensive repair than the original repair
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Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
What you will need :
Rubber solution
Bike inner tube
Cleaning alcohol

Step 2: Prepare the work area

Picture of prepare the work area
Prepare the work area.
Ruff up the dustcover with the sandpaper.
Grease the joint as good as you can I just pushed the grease in there with my finger but you can use a syringe to.
Clean off all dust and grease from the outside with the rag and alcohol.

Step 3: Cut out the repair patch

Picture of Cut out the repair patch
Cut out the repair patch.
sandpaper it and clean it with the alcohol

Step 4: Gluing

Picture of Gluing

Now its time for the rubber solution.
Apply it to both the patch and the dustcover.
Wait for it to dry until sticky

Step 5: Apply the patch

Picture of Apply the patch
Apply the patch carefully because it will stick at contact.
gently massage it on not to much pressure we don't want the grease to leak out.

Step 6: Finish up

Picture of Finish up
Let the glue cure for a couple minutes.
Put your car back together.

wrksnfx4 years ago
There is an easier way to fix that torn ball joint dust boot get yourself caulking gun at the dollar store and get yourself a tube of rtv silicone caulking from an auto parts store and just run a bead like you would from a squeeze bottle of mustard the whole length of the cut wet your finger w/ water and smooth the bead all of this can be done while the part is on the vehicle because if you take the part off the vehicle which will require a front end alignment.

I learned this trick from a CERTIFIED MASTER MECHANIC because some ball joints DON'T have grease fittings so they have to use a grease needle to pierce the boot and then use the rtv silicone caulking to reseal the boot.
yztay (author)  wrksnfx4 years ago
that would work to but since i submitted this to a contest that had to involve a innertube i did it like this ;)
ps i tried removing it with hammers but it didn't budge :( ds
Esmagamus yztay4 years ago
Both repair methods are good. I like yours because, as a cyclist, I always have some patch glue around. I do have engine silicone now.

I grew tired of instructables years ago because of the utterly useless things I see around, such as inner tube wallets. Your idea is spot on: ingenious and useful.

wrksnfx yztay4 years ago
They make a ball joint tool that is a big C clamp that is used to remove pressed in ball joints will work too.


yztay (author)  wrksnfx4 years ago
actually i had a ball joint tool if you look at step one you will see a picture of a similar model to the one i tried to use the one i borrowed from a friend is even better than the one in the picture unfortunately it was to big to be used
the CV joint is only a centimeter away and to remove the CV joint you have to remove the ball joint
BIGBUG4 years ago
Not to be the other 'that guy' but you need to re title this "Repair a Ball Joint Dust Boot...."

As it is it indicates that this is a Ball Joint repair and that is not the case.

Something else to keep in mind, about the time the boot goes there is cause for concern of the ball joints overall condition. Even if the boot has only been off or torn for a few days there can be joint damage.
yztay (author)  BIGBUG4 years ago
Since I think that the dust cover is an integral part of the ball joint so i still feel that the title is correct.

If you read all the text and picture info you would know that the damage occured when i repaired my abs sensory ring and i repaired it before i put my car back together.

Unfortunatly I couldn't use the nondestructive ball joint remover tool but had to use the fork and it always cracks the dust cover.
wrksnfx yztay4 years ago
Here is a hint for you take a 2 pound ball peen hammer or a 3 pound sledge hammer which ever you got handy and where the shaft part of the ball joint goes into the knuckle (eyelet) hit the knuckle (eyelet) 3 times on the side and the ball joint will pop right out w/o any damage to either the knuckle, ball joint or the boot w/o having to use the pickle fork ball joint tool.

I learned this too from a CERTIFIED MASTER MECHANIC.
How do you get your Saab to stick to the wall like that?
yztay (author)  Ricardo Furioso4 years ago
New tires with good grip can drive anywhere ;))
Seriously i thought i could rotate the pictures when doing the instructable but that didn't work so I will fix the picture later.
jtobako4 years ago
How often do you plan on checking this to make sure it's still working? If it goes, you are going to be out the original repair and a new tire or two (or four!-some makes NEED to have even wear on all four tires).
yztay (author)  jtobako4 years ago
why should this damage my tires ?
the ball joint was damaged in the dustcover nothing more
if i didn't do anything the ball joint would have started to rust and wear but my tires wouldn't be affected.
you will notice if its going bad by noice when turning the wheel
and in sweden our cars are inspected yearly and they always check the ball joints
jtobako yztay4 years ago
If the ball joint goes bad, the alignment is thrown off causing uneven wear on the tires.
Mr. Rig It4 years ago
Now this is a great idea and money saver.
yztay (author)  Mr. Rig It4 years ago
Thank you please rate me;)