It was your favorite chair until SNAP! a piece was broken. You might be getting ready to dump it or put it in front of your house as a lost cause for someone else to adopt, but wait! It can likely be fixed and you can have many years of satisfied sitting ahead of you.

All right, let's fix it!

Step 1: Clean the Wound

Remove the splinters at the ends of each piece. You want the two pieces to easily go back together and even have a slight gap between them for the epoxy to fill.
Isn't this the guy who was resin repairing unworked wood so he could work it.
A new piece of wood is cheaper than resin.
These two photos were preliminary, because things were still slightly misaligned. Take a ruler to the photo. Taping a dowl or allthread to the bottom and one side would keep it in almost perfect alignment as you bang the joint to get rid of the bubbles.

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