Repair a driver headlight on a 2001 Kia Rio using a Plastic Cd case...

Step 1: Electric

plug in wires that were dragged 10 miles on the highway...

Step 2: Level Out the Light

level out the light

Step 3: Grab Plastic Cover

grab plastic cover

Step 4: Duct Tape Top

duct tape top

Step 5: Duct Tape Bottom

duct tape bottom

Step 6: Duct Tape to Hood

duct tape to hood

Step 7: Duct Tape to Bumper

this is what neeraahah calls the "cross-over" step...

Step 8: Reinforce Duct Tape

secure cd light with reinforcement of duct tape

Step 9: Finished Product...

the pimp-mobile in its full glory...
Fail...<br> <br> (That's what'll be stamped on your safety certificate too)<br>
Looks aside, this really is not safe or even functional.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Go to a junk yard, get the correct parts for cheap, and put some effort into doing a decent repair. Can't find a junkyard? Then learn how to scrounge.&nbsp;Visit a mechanic or a body shop, maybe they have a wreck they'll let you pick over. Find a tow truck operator, find out where they take their wrecks, and go there.<br />
What about the turn signal?
Please remember that if you're in the UK, or somewhere with road safety laws as strict as ours, if your headlight deviates from the 0.5° downwards tilt you are likely to be pulled over in next to no time- upwards pointing headlights are pretty conspicuous. It's a good plan if you are in the middle of a long journey and happen to have the CD spindle case in the car, but I wouldn't recommend this as a long-term (or even medium-term) fix. Props on using 50% duct tape, 50% everything else :)
The situation's the same in the US. I'd look at a pull-it-yourself junkyard for the proper hardware.
too bad we don't have pull it yourself junkyards here,they just landfill the stuff<br/><sub>all that stuff,going to waste,*sniff*!NE M&Uuml;NASEBETS&#304;ZL&#304;K ULAN!!!!!!</sub><br/>
I hope the cd plastic cover doesn't melt. How hot does the light burn? Other than that, very nice job.
it was smoking when a mechanic plugged it into a 12v sla andput it on a plastic rug
dude....did you stay drunk to do this entry??? AFTER driving???? as a stop gap...sure. as a permanent fix...just fix the car,it'll fail and endanger all those around you,and or look wierd to oncoming cars and maybe encourage a head on crash when they DONT realize your in a car with a busted headlight
Crap like this makes me not want to visit this site.
HA HA that headlight matches the rest of the car... complete P.O.S. MAWHAHAHA i know i own a 2003 Kia Rio. and if i knew what i know today i wouldnt have even paid 100 bucks for a damn kia rio

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