I had a key fob for my car that wasn't performing as it used to. This instructable restored the buttons to their original function.

Step 1: What You Need

1 The fob to repair 2 a coin to open the fob 3 conductive ink
<p>I thought my fob was dead, changed the battery to no avail. Then was messing around with it and touched something conductive to the PCB and it worked! So I was trying to figure out ways of rigging mechanical switches or something. This is much simpler. Brilliant!</p>
<p>You can also take a simple pencil, the graphite inside is also conductive. </p>
<p>no important it so easy in iran</p>
<p>no important it so easy in iran</p>
<p>There's another technique thats cheaper, and uses material you already have.</p><p>Just use a paper filing punch to punch holes in an aluminium cooking foil, and collect the punched out circles. Glue them to the rubber pads with the worn out conducting coat. </p>
<p>Great idea, thanks</p>
<p>look at the title &quot;Repair a key dob with conductive ink&quot; I beleive you mean fob not dob. otherwise, great 'ible.</p>
The cost is $9.95
Sparkfun has it. http://www.sparkfun.com/products/11521
Thanks. I'm going to use this on my Universal Remote, as some buttons don't work and some require a great deal of grinding force.
I fixed a couple of hard to replace remotes this way using conductive paint from the auto supply store. The paint was made to repair rear window defoggers but was way expensive, $16.00 for a tiny vial. How much was the product you used? Source?

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