Repair a Sagging or Broken Lawnmower Wheel





Introduction: Repair a Sagging or Broken Lawnmower Wheel

This instructable will show you how to repair a sagging push lawnmower wheel.  The example is my lawn mower I've had for years and with regular maintenance the engine is still in great running condition so I don't want to just go out and buy a new one.

The deck has started to degrade and the wheels are supported by the sides where it's the weakest.

Step 1: Things You'll Need.

You can do just one, but since I was doing it I did all four.

Materials you'll need:
4 Brackets  2" x 2" x 1/4" angle x 3 1/2
   (I got these at my local fabrication place and the cut them and cleaned them up for me)
8 bolts 1/4-20 x 3/4" (I replaced what old hardware I could)
8 nuts 1/4-20
8 washers 1/4 size i/d

Tools you'll need:
Drill bits
Spanners (open/closed end wrenches)
Ratcheting wrench & sockets
Wire brush

Step 2: Dissasembly

If the deck is too far gone, this isn't for you.
But if you're deck is in decent shape than you can go ahead if you feel ambitious.

*Also I didn't move the deck from the engine, It would have made this process easier*

Using the wire brush clean all the grass and rusted bits away so you can get your sockets on the bolts and the bracket will fit into the inside of the deck.

Take apart the wheel assembly and keep in the same order.
Remove the handle and handle bracket.

Step 3: Making and Mounting the Bracket

Place the blank stock up into the inside of the deck and mark the holes where the handle bracket attached to the deck.

Drill out the top holes.

Mount the bracket to the deck.

Tap / reshape the side of the deck to it is flush with the bracket and perpendicular to the top of the deck.

Mark the holes for the wheel support and height positioning plates tab.

Remove the bracket.

Drill out the holes for the wheel support and height positioning plates tab.

Reassemble the bracket onto the deck and tighten everything down.

Step 4:

As you can see from the two images from the back the wheel is nice and straight again and hopefully will stay this way for another 7 years.



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    "Use it up; wear it out; make it do, " was an expression my depression era parents had tattooed on their souls. I too hate to throw anything away that can be salvaged with a simple fix. What I'm saying is "Hooray for you!" Kudos for a nicely done 'ible and an earth friendly attitude.

    ".................or do without." is how I heard it

    I don't have anything close to the machinery required to custom make a metal bracket like that. Do you think a custom made PVC bracket would hold?

    Looks like he just used aluminum angle. If you never worked with it, it's great stuff, and you can get it at most hardware or home improvement stores. You can cut it easily with a hacksaw, and drill it easily with an ordinary drill and bits! Nothing special needed!

    nobody else a fan of custom lawn mower camber?

    I simply use a steel door hinge. I grind off the hinge part, and I am left with a steel plate. I enlarge one of the screw holes and just bolt the wheel to the mower frame, slipon the plate on the underside, put the nut on and tighten away. Works great, it's quick and cheap!

    Well done. 

    I have done things similar to this, usually for other people to help them out.  Then they buy a new mower within a season, regardless, and make me wonder why I bothered.

    That's funny! I went to some trouble some time ago, getting the software and cables (which she was missing) necessary to make my Mom's aging Bernina sewing machine sew beautiful embroidery... didn't cost her a dime... Win, right? NO - She shortly thereafter ran out and spent 5 grand on the new model, which in my opinion is an inferiorly engineered machine in that it uses YOUR COMPUTER as the 'brains' of the embroidery module - that is, it is not self-contained and is essentially tied to the windows operating system. Glad to help, but I agree, sometimes you wonder why you did! The other thing that bugs me is that people feel justified in asking you to do things for free because they "couldn't possibly do it themselves". But do they think to do something for you that THEY COULD DO? HAHA

    Phil "do good without looking at who"