Step 4: Slide Removal and Cleaning.

Step 4: Pull the metal slide out of the joystick.  At this point, you can clean all the parts with isopropyl alcohol using Q-tips.  You can skip to step 9 for simplicity, or if you really want to clean it all, you can continue to step 5.  You may want to continue dissemble if the shaft tends to not center properly.
well thats interesting, my 1000 had a different circuit board and one white and one black slider bar piece instead of two black ones...
Hi Zack,<br><br>This was my friends PSP. I can't recall if he said he had attempted to change the joystick before or not. In other words, it could be an aftermarket joystick. It is also possible that Sony had different lots of parts depending the time it was built. I work with electronics vendors, and it is not uncommon to change parts if the OEM can save money. Did your joystick look essentially the same?<br><br>-Greg

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