Repair an Old Chest





Introduction: Repair an Old Chest

Hy guys! My father wanted to throw away an old, rusty chest,
but i said: I want it! He gave it for me, and I decided: I will repair it! It was my grandfather’s chest and he gave it to my father when my dad was about 15 years old. Now he gave itt o me and I repair it too. ;) Let’s get started!

Step 1: Tools and Materials


-a brush

-a rag

-a screwdriver (flathead)

-a wire brush

-a bottle

-grinding machine or sandpaper



-paint (choose your color)


Step 2: Grinding

Maybe it is the hardest and longest step of all. You need the grinding machine,
sandpaper, rag, much thinner and wire brush. First you have to grind with the wire brush. If you scraped the old paint with it you have to remove the rust. Use the grinding machine, sandpaper for it. If you finished the grinding, wipe the chest. Drench the rag with the thinner and wipe the chest. Wait until it’s dry. You mustn’t remove all the paint and rust, because it’s very hard and long. That can be well if you paint it to the old paint! I did it too! ;)

Step 3: Paint

If the chest is dry you can paint it. I used two brushes,( a bigger[50mm] and a smaller[20mm])so I could work
fast and accurately. Paint every part of the chest and if you finished it turn it up and paint it’s bottom too! Wait until it’s dry! You can paint it two times, and it will be nicer. Pour thinner to the bottle and clean the brushes too.

Step 4: Oiling

Put oil to the hingesand to the connections. If you finished it your
chest is ready to use! I put defenders to this bottom to protect it. ;)

Step 5: Finish!

Congratulations! Your chest or toolbox
is ready for use! I hope you like this project.

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Leave a coment too! ;)

Thank you very much!



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    A very good job, my husband has one and when he is "taking a nap" I will re-do his old toolbox as a Father's Day surprise. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1 reply

    I'm happy to hear it! :) Have good job! Thank you! ;)

    ive been given one of these .they dont make them like this any more they are all plastic.going to have a go myself.nice job you have done bet your grand is proud

    1 reply

    Thx! :) You're very kind! ;)

    Excellent! You will be very proud to give this to your own son someday.

    1 reply

    Yes! Thanks! ;)

    Good work! I, too, repurpose what I find by the curbside or what friends or others throw out as junk. Sanding, stuff!!

    2 replies

    Thanks! ;)

    that thats the fun part of being in a work shop

    I like your trick with the oil and the syringe, very usful!

    1 reply

    Thank you very much! :)

    Thank you! ;)