Step 1: Gather Materials

You're going to need:
-Something spongy that you can cut into a little piece
-Hot Glue(Liquid Nail or epoxy is better if you have it and will keep the battery secure if you drop it again)

Step 2: Cut the Foam

Picture of Cut the Foam
Cut a small section of foam from whatever you decided to use, about 1"x1/2"x1/2".

Step 3: Reassemble the Battery

Picture of Reassemble the Battery
Put all of the internal pieces back inside the battery and insert the foam into the tab cavity.

Step 4: Add the End Cap

Insert the tab into its respective slot, leaving some room for gluing. The foam will push this tab outwards to better secure it in the nail gun.

Step 5: Glue

Inject some glue/epoxy/Liquid Nail into the crevice and along the fracture. Squeeze it all together and wipe away the excess. Wow those are terrible pictures.
scavanger5 years ago
Thanks I'll keep this fix in mind.