Repair Broken Hinge on a Notebook.




Introduction: Repair Broken Hinge on a Notebook.

I will present how I fixed the broken hinge on a laptop. Looks like it might not too elegant, but you can still use the laptop. This is not difficult, and can do this.
The laptop is damaged hinge snatching metal bushing. For the sleeve was screwed hinge.

Step 1:

Here is a picture showing the broken hinge.

Step 2:

To repair I used tap M3 and screws with nut M3.

Step 3:

I made a thread in the hole through which it passes before the clamping screw M2, 5.

Step 4:

In the place where she was sunk Bush drilled hole drill a 3.1 mm.

Step 5:

8 drill in which phase I did manually retracting the head screws visible on the photo.

Step 6:

After the threaded screws into the hinge holes in the nut I put a small amount of glue. Always do when there is a probability to unscrew the nut. The glue is not as strong with metal-to-metal connections so you don't stick a nut and protects against its arbitrary you unscrew. In addition, applied the nut so that probably held screw hinge from Cabinet.

Step 7:

The view cuts hinge.



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