Repair Broken Hinges of a Laptop Screen.





Introduction: Repair Broken Hinges of a Laptop Screen.

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Imagine that - a beautifull day, you are sitting comfortaby on the couch, you are opening the laptop lid aaand one of the hinges cracks... What a disaster you think, you have to pay outrageous cost for repair in the laptop service shop... Buuut there is a quick fix for the problem, all you need is a screwdriver and 1 hour of your time. :)
Dissasemble the laptop. Locate the broken insert for the metal bushing which holds the hinge and remove it. Drill a small hole in the center of the cracked plastic insert.

Step 1: Metal Bushings

This is the metal bushing which is placed into insert on the plastic case of the laptop. It is almost impossible to glue it, because some laptop manufacturers use special plastic for the laptop case, a plastic which does not stick with most glues, also there are a lot of tension in the place where the insert is located and after several times you close and open the laptop lid, the hinge base will crack again. Notice that this little thingy have thread from end to end.

Step 2: Drill Holes and Refit Bushings

Put the metal bushing back to its place and screw it with a small nut from the bottom side of the laptop. I recommend using appropriate washer because if the nut have small head it might go right trough the hole.

Step 3: Assembling the Case

Now screw the hinges on the repaired metal bushings, assemble the laptop and you are done! Voala! Now you saved a lot from expesnive laptop body cases and repair fees! 



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1 Questions

I had opened my laptop to change the broken hinge and had to remove display connector
Now i have connected everything again but the laptop is not turning on and making three beeps
Can anyone tell me what does this mean

The beeps are infact error codes. Every laptop manufacturer have their own beep codes so you should obtain document with error codes that are specific only for your laptop. The beep codes are used to locate faults in the laptop assembly, for example: one beep means faulty RAM, two beeps means broken CPU and so on. Sometimes these error beeps are false positive caused by loosy connector and something that is not connected at all, and as you probably noticed there are many of them. At first time you should check that every connector is well seated and that all pins are intact(the lcd display connector have at least 50-100 pins, and sometimes when you use excessive force to connect it, some pins bend and do not connect properly which causes those beeps.)

Good luck fixing your laptop. :)


Good idea.

My laptop (Lenovo E320) happened to have the same problem (broken plastic support for the metal bushings) and thanks to this tutorial I fixed it.

Not doing exactly what was said, since it depends a lot of the specs of the laptop but it gave me the overall picture.

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i have a similar problem. neglecting a lost screw my plastic support for the hinge broke due to regular tension on it. did you use any glue like araldite or something.also where exactly did you drill the hole since my bushing's insert has to have a hole right next to the keyboard is that advisable.BTW my plastic peice completely broke and came off thats why i ask if you used any glue

Some of the plastic pieces around the metal bushings were also broken, I did not use any glue to try to repair it.

What you really need are only the metal bushings (and not the plastic casings around) because it creates the necessary "spacing" from the bottom of your laptop.

As for where to drill, just drill at the bottom of where there are the bushings. For your keyboard, in my opinion there is no risk whatsoever, you only drill through the plastic at bottom of your laptop... But I can't say because I'm not looking at your laptop.

I have a Toshiba satellite 1660 148 & one side of my screen the hinge is broken and some metal thing sticks out anyone know how to fix that?

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Yes, the solution is above.

We actually found that, if you loosen the nut on the end of the hinge a half turn every now and then, it won't tighten up. Also, for the folks wondering which adhesive to use, please don't screw a hole in your case. JB Weld Clearweld epoxy works great. Just follow package instructions and DON'T get it on the screen.

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Also, you can order new hinges from china for $16. 10 days shipping or so. Don't for get to loosen that nut.


The plastic is the part that is broken and buying more metal hinges will not solve the problem. Read.

Idk if you still read comments on this, is their anything you can do if you lost that screw holder? Or in general is their no way to replace that

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Though my screw holder seems longer

Is it a typo? "if the nut have small heat (head)" ?

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hey, very nice article..The laptop hinges are mostly made of low-cost metal alloys,It is also called “pot metal.” Pot metal is not particularly durable

Source :

This is a good hp laptop hinge repair trick. By the way if anyone in Kolkata facing the same issue can check these guys out they are brilliant regarding laptop issues

my bushings were on the upper side of my case which meant i would have had to drill a hole at the top close to where the keyboard is situated. However the concept is good, if you can't drill a hole like me, get some plastic weld (i recommend the highest psi you could cheaply get mine was 3500PSI). Fasten the bushing down ensuring that the plastic weld forms a cylindrical type casing around it. Test with a screw once it dries to ensure it'll hold in place. If the bushing starts spinning as you screw then remove it and weld it over again. 4 of mines broke and this did a great job, took about an hour to do. (DON'T LET WELD GET INTO THE BUSHING HOLE)

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I'm a fan of anything I can do myself. Drilling the holes in my laptop makes me nervous but it does seem like a laptop repair I can do on my own. As long as I'm not relying on duct tape my laptop should live a bit longer.

Okay mine is really bad. Both hinges are broken. at first it wouldn't close. because of the left hinge. Then the second one had a problem too, then the next thing I know, my screen is now not connected to the keyboard. The hinges are stuck. and I need to put my screen back on. Help please!

How do i get the metal Brushing off what tool would i need?