Apparently, this is a common fault in the otherwise fine Asus U46E-BAL5 laptop. A new display will cost some 350 USD (though the people at Asus say that the problem will likely pop up again, as the problem is on the engineering design). I decided to fix it myself.
(The photo you see here is a stock one taken from Asus.)

This is what I used:
* Several Hex Screws M2x10. (This means: 2mm diameter, 10mm long.)
* Several M2 Nylock Nuts
* Hex screwdriver
* Tweezers and pliers
* Rotary tool (B&D moto-tool) with accessories (2mm drill bits for metal, grinders, cutters, and the like)
* A piece of scrap metal (tin, aluminium)
* A bit of duct tape (à la MacGyver)
* Utility knife

Step 1: Remove Outer Plastic Shell to Reveal Hinges.

Use your hands for this (or the help of a plastic tool, e.g., a guitar pick).

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