This repair is for the turbo water hose off my 2000 VW Passat and would not be recommended for hoses conveying really high pressures. 

Step 1: Bad Hose

Once the hose failed, it emptied the entire contents of the cooling system in a matter of seconds, and there was no getting home. I quickly found this was a dealer/internet-order only part and the dealer was asking over $120.  I couldn’t justify paying that much for a hose!
very good, same thing happened me to day, was going to call v.w in the morning,not now. thanks
the leak was where exactly?
The black hose bit that was replaced with a red hose, it's a water line that goes from the block to the turbo on a 00 VW passat.
great instructable :)
Fantastic! Kudos mate, this is the DIY spirit. Looks perfect to me.<br><br>K.

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