Repair mouse with double click problem

Picture of Repair mouse with double click problem
I have a Logitech wireless laser mouse and after a year or so of use, the left click button would double click every time I tried to single click something. As can be imagined, this gets frustrating very fast. So, being the tinkerer that I am, I decided to open her up and see if it could be repaired. Sure enough, It's a pretty simple fix, if you have some common tools and a teaspoon of patience. There are some very small parts involved, so you will want to make sure you ware working in a well lit, clean environment so that any parts that are dropped can be easily found. I have now performed this fix for the third time and decided to take pictures this time to share with others who may find this useful. Each time the repair lasts about 6 months to a year before needing to be redone. I imagine at some point the piece causing the problem will break, at which time the mouse will need to be replaced (unless you're determined enough to try and source parts). Good luck with your repair, I hope this helps.
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Step 1: Remove batteries

Picture of remove batteries
If you are working on a wireless mouse, you will want to first open the battery cover, and remove the batteries from the mouse.

Step 2: Access screws

Picture of access screws
On this particular model there are four screws which hold the mouse body together. These screws are located underneath the slide pads on the underside of the mouse. To remove the slide pads, gently pry the edge of the pad up with a small flat head screwdriver and peel it off. They are held in place with some sort of adhesive.

Step 3: Remove screws

Picture of remove screws
Remove the four screws with a small philips head screw driver.

Step 4: Open her up

Picture of open her up
At this point the top cover should lift off, revealing the mouse's innards.
jrothermel12 days ago

Before you take the copper spring out, which is gonna be a hassle to get back in, see if this doesn't work first. I've found that the spring may not be what the problem is. Once you take the case off of the mouse, just blow into the left mouse click case and test it to see if it starts clicking properly after that. I was about to take the copper spring off, but after taking the left click casing off and simply blowing into it, it started working like normal again. I guess it just gets dirty and messes with the contacts which causes double clicks and such. Hope this helps and good luck!

mwistrom19 days ago

I could have figured out how to bring my mouse back to life without your information, but I would have had to open it up about three times.

This made it easy.

Thanks for the write up.

privatier10 months ago
I solved the problem by soldering a 820pF capacitor across the active terminals of the microswitch.

As an EE student, I'm wondering what you mean to accomplish by doing this...?

The capacitor reduces bouncing of the microswitch.
dmiranda81 month ago
I cant believe it worked. After some yelling and time I finally got the damn copper piece into place. THANKS!
navillus1 month ago

Thank you sir! I found a pair of hemostats very helpful. I've been dealing with this for a year plus, crazy annoying!

stevenr211 month ago

I took my mouse apart and instead of tearing into the switch, I just sprayed contact cleaner on the white button. I depressed the button while spraying to ensure it wicked inside. I then clicked the button 20 or so times in rapid succession and it is good as new! I suppose you could take the cover off the switch to get the cleaner all over but my mouse is still working weeks later without it. If your pads need to be replaced, you can order replacements for $10 or so.

To the author: thank you! It took me about an hour, with reading glasses and a magnifier, and I had to remove the cover on the other mechanism to get a better look at it, andi tried so many different ways to get that spring back in that I can't remember what finally worked. But I wish I had read all the comments first-- next time I'll try blowing on it first! I kept doing the math-- a $60 mouse that lasted just a year costs way too much at $5/month. I guess I could live with $2/month, which means having to repair it at least once more. Maybe I'll try soldiering in a new switch next time.

So satisfying to fix something good as new rather than throwing it out, and then being able to share my success with folks who get it.

wimbuh made it!2 months ago

Spended half an our on it. With a screwdriver and a patato cutter. And recycled my performance MX :) A minimal hourly rate of 108 euro where I can buy a new one for 54 euro ;)

Also made a account primarily to compliment this tutorial.

paulsykes2 months ago

performance MX back up and working again. Many thanks for the info.

iheggie2 months ago

Oh, buy the way - I suggest you put your finger over the box whilst levering it up ... That little white button was rather hard to find once it had flown off and bounced back under a table !! :-)

iheggie2 months ago

Worked a treat with Performance MX - I had problems selecting large area with click and drag (it seemed to add an extra mouse up/down at times). Some comments, in case it isn't obvious:

  1. The front and middle curved springs sit in slots, not further down under the tabs. I ended up uncovering the right mouse spring so I had a comparison (I took some pics with my iPhone as close as it would focus and zoomed in after my first attempt failed).
  2. There is a tab under the left "wing" (change windows) button on the performance MX - I carefully wiggled to remove, and press together gently until it clicks in to assemble.
  3. I removed the wiring between the top and bottom halves to make it easier - just unplug the connector (the MX has 4 buttons and some lights in the top shell).
  4. A pair of reading glasses (1.5x) helped me focus that bit closer.

randyocampo2 months ago

Wow!!! Thank you very much!!!

Now I can use my mouse with ease. and also I fix my other mouse, now I have a reserved mouse.. thank you very much!!!!

matroska2 months ago

A G5 with many, many years has been saved with this procedure (first generation, single back button).

I did screw up a little though and now it won't have feedback (hear/feel the click) - but once I got used to it, it's like stealth mode.

I also ordered off ebay the same microswitch - Omron model D2FC-F-7N(10M) - very common among Logitech mouses. Soldering the new component should prove to be a more reliable fix (as I did break the feedback after fiddling too much). With knowing there is a supply of these, these Logitech mouses might indeed live much longer than expected.

ctouesnard2 months ago

Thank you for this, my mouse's inability to move a window or drag and drop text within a document had become unbearable. This was actually easier than I thought and I completed the fix and reassembly on my Performance MX mouse in less than 15min.

My only issue was the reassembly of the spring as I did not take sufficient notice of how the spring was mounted when I took it out and had to open up the other side to figure it out.

Thanks again!

krial2 months ago

Every Logitech mouse I've ever had has had this problem. I've had at least a dozen of the $8 cheapies at Walmart, and they usually start double clicking within 2 months. I'm currently running a M515 Couch Mouse on one computer (started double clicking after 6 months) and an MX Anywhere (double clicking after 1 month) on another. Extremely irritating.

As much as I love most Logitech products, their mice are just ridiculous when it comes to double clicking and I'm not sure why I keep buying them :(

andrew_berge2 months ago

Yessss! You just saved:

My Performance Mouse MX

My $70.

My sanity. This problem was driving me nuts. Thanks!

darkcheops3 months ago
Did this with my MX Revolution and getting the spring back in was a pain in the ass but it works now. Thanks, you saved me 60$.
csheng13 months ago
Hi, thank you very much for the great tutorial - I've tried it and my mouse is working fine. May I suggest that for step 8: Reinstall tension spring, you (1) place the curved tab (which is in the middle of the spring) at an angle on the tiny ledge of the metal piece on the mechanism first, then (2) hook the spring onto the front part of the mechanism, before finally (3) sliding the spring beneath the rear part of the mechanism?

I did not have much luck with the original action series of 2-1-3 until I tried 1-2-3 and the whole spring just slid into place while pivoting on the middle curved tab.

Hope this helps. And once again, thank you!
haidang93nd4 months ago
Great tutorial...
Btw, have you tried using RP7 to clean that button without opening it up?
Great article and excellent instructions!
i had the same issue with my mouse , only i didn't think about repair the mechanism itself , i just replaced the entire button. check it out :
RichardeM5 months ago
Thank You very much for the work involved in this..
Just saved me from throwing mouse out the window, which now works perfectly.
Just one point I would add.
The slots the spring contact fits into on the two posts are really very tiny.
I found the best way to get it to fit back on was to hold the front of the spring in a tiny but grippy pair of instrument tweezers, fit the bent spring to the Middle post slot first and then gently pull the spring forward until it just slipped over the Front post and into the slot.
eibarra26 months ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH MAN!!!!!! just saved my razer naga 2012 :)
Rakshas6 months ago
Thank you so much for this! The tension spring was a pain in the #ss especially when you have giant fingers like me! LoL!

The easiest way to put it back on is to go from the side and put on the back and middle hook then you clip down the front. No tweezers needed.
dpcochran7 months ago
Awesome! One less mouse for the landfill. $39 less for Logitech. Thanks for the tutorial!
Shunrei8 months ago
Fixed my Logitech M235..

Hi big thanks for the tutorial, i used to break stuff i fix and with your tutorial i reduce the amount of hassle of finding it out how to broke it myself and able to avoid broken parts! I really am grateful, thanks and i hope you have a nice day everyday forever!

*My mouse could be easily disassembled, even the clicking mechanism, makes me wonder whether the technicians made it that way so that when problems occur even inexperienced mouse repairer like me would be able to fix it.

Anyway thank you very much for the tutorial!
rgrocott9 months ago
@kjbaumga (Sep 19 2012 - can't get the "Reply" option to work)
Wow - just wow. After an hour of failing to get the spring back into position on an old mouse I was practising with, I spotted this comment and gave it a try. Blowing under the left mouse button seems to have completely fixed it!

Thank you so much for posting this! Also thanks to the writer of the article, even if I'm too clumsy to successfully replicate it :)

I've registered on Instructables just to make that statement.
Now I will starting to browse this nice website. Thank you very much author.
Pandafox10 months ago
Thanks! This completely fixed the double click problem for me! I found that it was much easier to reinstall the tension spring using a tweezer.
fake_account10 months ago
imho its much easier too hook in the spring first, since it has a the deeper notch. after that you can just slip the front part over the nose.
yusoff4411 months ago
Thanks a ton! I'll do it on my home's Razer (3 years) and my office's Dell (1 year)!
saler911 months ago
Finally :):):) Thank you very much for this great tutorial!!!
I've a Logitech V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse which started to "double click" after 3 years, and the Logitech Support told me "Unfortunately, we must inform you that your product is defective, as at the moment the manufacturer warranty is already expired, I will not be able to replace the product for you. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to help you with your case." So I started googeling without any success, everybody was talking about windows settings, but this was a mechanical issue, and now its working flawless. Thanks again, Best Regards ;)
Thank you!! Have an mx 620 or 630 as well. Worked fine for probably more than three years and just now started giving me trouble. Will get to this over the weekend. Can't say thanks enough for this handy tutorial.
stirfry2131 year ago
I can confirm this still applies to the Logitech Performance Mouse MX. It has the exact same click mechanism as shown in the pictures. Bent the tab back like it said and now it works like a charm.
nomax1 year ago
My V550 nano had the same problem and software ( did not fix it 100% - BUT my mouse was 2.5 yrs old, so I called Logitech support and they now sending me a new Anywhere MX mouse for free (3yrs warranty).

Also I can keep the broken v550 - might try the procedure when I have some time.
araghuteja1 year ago
Awesome... Took time, but finally got it working after some time.

Thank You !!!
j50b1 year ago
My g500 is now fixed thanks to your photographic instructions - thank you for taking the time to do this!
I had a problem in my mouse...the left click button are not working.....
Thank you so much, it looks like working now :)

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