Step 9: Reassemble the click mechanism and test

Picture of reassemble the click mechanism and test
Next, you will need to reassemble the click mechanism. First reinstall the tiny white button into the mechanism cover (you did remember to find and set aside the tiny button right?).  The easiest way to do this is by dropping or placing it into the cover with a pair of tweezers. With one hand, pick up the cover  while keeping it upside down so the button stays in place. With the other hand, pick up the mouse body, turn it upside down, and push the cover back into place. Doing it this way will insure that the tiny white button stays in place while the mechanism is put back together.

At this point, before reassembling the mouse, set it down on the table, and give the tiny white button a few test clicks. You should notice that it is making a crisp click sound when pressed, and that it now springs back with more force than it did before. If you are not hearing and feeling a difference, you may need to open the mechanism back up and try retentioning the spring again.

If all seems well, than go ahead and put the mouse top back in place, reinstall the 4 main screws, and put the slide pads back in place. If there is not enough adhesive left to keep the slide pads on, you can add some more. Regular elmers glue stick has worked for me, or a dab of superglue would certainly do the trick.

Thanks for reading. I hope you now have a mouse that clicks properly.
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PatrickR111 month ago

Thanks to you I saved ~$60 towards a new gaming mouse. The only difference is that mine had a groove instead of a hook. I had to slot the back bent piece in first and then the front. Also if someone does this again then do it in the middle of a big table. You'd be surprised how far the tiny pieces (especially the small bit of plastic on the switch) can fly and bounce even on carpet.

kayetidey3 months ago

Thank you very much for these instructions! Following them helped sort an annoying double clicking issue on a generic wireless mouse from eBay - not a lot of money saved but worth it for the satisfaction of fixing it myself. :-) For this mouse reattaching the spring was not too bad as it was possible to completely remove the electronics from the case, making it easier to work on.

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FelipeR35 months ago

I feel like a NASA engineer now! Thanks really!

MiguelC48 months ago

Awesome guide, I could fix my Deathadder following every step. Now I can try with my 2006 World Cup Logitech and my old CM Spawn. Thanks!

Awesome now I dont have to throw away my favourite mouse and purchase another one..

HMMMMMMMMM....anyone want a mouse that double clicks? I'm just gonna buy a new one...

tonycm0910 months ago

works well!!! Thanks!!

MohamedT10 months ago

Thank you for this, I got my mouse fixed. :D

livelyVrl10 months ago

Spot on!!! Perfect :) :) :)

jackmeist0r10 months ago

Had trouble with my mouse doubleclicking for quiet some time now.

In windows it can be taken care of with a autoHotKey Script but in Ubuntu i was not able to find a software solution..

Your guide helped me solve it.. so thanks!

stevenr211 year ago

I took my mouse apart and instead of tearing into the switch, I just sprayed contact cleaner on the white button. I depressed the button while spraying to ensure it wicked inside. I then clicked the button 20 or so times in rapid succession and it is good as new! I suppose you could take the cover off the switch to get the cleaner all over but my mouse is still working weeks later without it. If your pads need to be replaced, you can order replacements for $10 or so.

dpcochran1 year ago
Awesome! One less mouse for the landfill. $39 less for Logitech. Thanks for the tutorial!

I've registered on Instructables just to make that statement.
Now I will starting to browse this nice website. Thank you very much author.
yusoff442 years ago
Thanks a ton! I'll do it on my home's Razer (3 years) and my office's Dell (1 year)!
saler92 years ago
Finally :):):) Thank you very much for this great tutorial!!!
I've a Logitech V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse which started to "double click" after 3 years, and the Logitech Support told me "Unfortunately, we must inform you that your product is defective, as at the moment the manufacturer warranty is already expired, I will not be able to replace the product for you. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to help you with your case." So I started googeling without any success, everybody was talking about windows settings, but this was a mechanical issue, and now its working flawless. Thanks again, Best Regards ;)
Thank you!! Have an mx 620 or 630 as well. Worked fine for probably more than three years and just now started giving me trouble. Will get to this over the weekend. Can't say thanks enough for this handy tutorial.
jdictionary2 years ago
I can't thank you enough for these instructions. Thank you! I have a Logitech MX 610 left-handed mouse that I absolutely love. I was having the double-click issue and found your instructions. I was especially glad because they don't make the MX 610 anymore and I didn't want to have to get a non left-handed mouse. I'm happy to report my MX 610 is working great now. I pretty much followed your instructions to a T.

One tip on this step. If you don't want to turn the mouse upside down, you can put a piece of clear tape across the top of the click mechanism cover (part that says "omron") so it holds the white button in place. Then even trim the tape so it doesn't stick out too much. Then you can keep the mouse base steady and right side up as you carefully slide the click mechanism cover back on top and snap it in. Then remove the tape. This is the only thing I did differently. Another tip, if you have a digital camera handy is to take a picture of the spring before you remove it so you have a reference. It fits in very delicately and its easy to lose track of the exact position if you don't have a reference. Your pictures are wonderful but its handy to have one specific to your mouse in case it differs slightly. Thanks again!