Picture of Repair of a broken Carbonfiber Bikeframe
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Step 1: Step 1: Safety

Most of the materials used can be harmful, resins can be a bit aggressive on the lungs and skin, be sure you work in a proper environment that is well ventilated and clean. Use gloves to work with those resins and a respiration mask. The mask is not only for the smell but as well for the toxic gasses that can access your lungs. The mask is as well good for small dust while sanding. A paper-mask (like the doctors use, is good for the dust but is not good for the gasses coming out of the resin.
That said, lets start the tutorial.

Step 2: Step 2: analyzing the broken part

Picture of Step 2: analyzing the broken part
Take some time to see how the part broke and what’s the best approach to repair the part. Here you can see the bike almost completely broke from the down part till upper part of the tube.

Step 3: Step 3: Preparation of the rest of the frame

Picture of Step 3: Preparation of the rest of the frame
Tape everything down that could be scratched or be cosmetically damaged while working on it. That will save you some time at the end.

Step 4: Step 4: Clean the broken part

Picture of Step 4: Clean the broken part
Remove any loose parts on the broken part. You can do this by using a knife or something sharp to feel where you can remove some loose chips of resin/Carbon fiber. By having a clean and firm part to repair the layers of the repair will have a better bond on the broken part.
simply awesome! simple and contundent like should be;
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