Introduction: Repair of Broken Laptop Hinges and Cracked Top Cover

I have a laptop Acer Extensa 5620 that is still useful for me, but its hinges have broken its plastic cover so that screen is almost separated from rest of computer. Changing plastic cover and hinges is too expensive and I thought cheap solution using parts from hardware store. It works well, but I am sure it can be improved.

Bolt nuts are used to reduce length of screws so that they do not damage components inside computer, but just hold tight enough to the plastic cover

Mechanical part can be found at furniture section of hardware store.


Davide_at_debian made it!(author)2014-03-30

I've got an Extensa 5620z in a worse situation than yours with hinges, but my repair looks much neater than yours :P

I've used and internal steel plate to reattach the aluminum screen frame to the hinges, and so far it's worked great.

My instructions are at

evalds made it!(author)2014-03-31

Your version looks great! maybe you can post it on instructables & include images how it looks like when it is closed

tgferreira184 made it!(author)2013-12-26

After looking at your project (it looks cool) I think it would look really cool if got a bit of diamond plate, screwed the screen to it and weld some big hinges from gates to it, then after bolting them to the computer it would look relly cool.

omnibot made it!(author)2013-12-26

Hmm .. not sure if kludge or engineer.

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