Introduction: Repair Old ITunes Cable

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Todays cables are often very weak, especially the apple cables.

I always bought new ones, but with a few simple steps you can repair the ripped parts very easily.

Step 1: Things Required

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You need Wood Glue and a sheet of paper

Step 2: Use Wood Glue and Cover It Up

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Put the paper on your desk, or whatever you are working on and carefully take your broken cable.

Than you slowly add a few drops of the Glue to the ripped part.

When the glue is added, spread the Glue that the hole is covered up well.

Add a second layer if you need to, but normally one should work fine.

Let the cable dry for a couple hours. (It depends on the type of Glue you use)

Step 3: Finish It

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After it is dry, you have a perfectly repaired charging cable, which will work very well.

You also have a good protection that it won't rip again. It might by a little buckled but this should be no problem, because the glue is very tight.

You also have a very good protection, that it will not rip again.

I hope this helped you


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