Do you have a Fisher Price cradle swing with a dead motor?
Do you want to spend $9 instead of $50+ dollars to repair it?
Even better, do you have a working Air Wick Freshmatic (or Freshmatic Express) air  freshener laying around?

If you answered yes to those questions, then read up, cause I'll tell you how to replace the main motor in your swing with the motor from the air freshener... cause they are THE SAME!

Besides the above items you will need:
1x Small flathead screwdriver
1x Small Phillips screwdriver
1x Medium Phillips screwdriver
1x Soldering gun + solder
1x Wire strippers/cutter
Some electrical tape, or if you wanna be fancy, heat shrink tubing.

Step 1: Rip apart your air freshener

Picture of Rip apart your air freshener
Did you run out and buy the air freshener or have one laying around? Sweet, you are good to go.

1. Open it up, I used an old one laying around, so I pulled out the batteries and can, if it's new, you may be able to skip this step.
2. Get a small flathead screwdriver and remove the 2 triangular screws in Pic 2.
3. Using a Phillips, remove the 3 screws in Pic 3. The 2 large gears slide off their posts easily, using a flathead screwdriver, pry the small gear off the shaft of the motor.
4. Remove the 2 screws in Pic 4 and unclip the power cord to the motor seen in Pic 5.
5. Snip off the plastic clip and that's it! This motor will be replacing the dead one in your swing.
Pitch all the leftover parts of the air freshener, or use it for crafts, whatever floats your boat. The AA batteries should be fine, AND you can still use the can of freshener manually!
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Mammazuk3 months ago

My original motor works. It just makes a lot of noise. Is this fixable without replacing the motor?

matthew.jermine made it!4 months ago
Directions were great. Thanks!
2015-04-28 22.54.29.jpg
Omg!!! Soldering is the hardest part, and yes it has to be done!
I don't consider myself a electronics/repair person, by any means. But it was fairly simple.
Remember how the wires and other parts, you have to solder, are connected. I almost burnt out the replacement motor.
It took me 3 hours, cause I wired it wrong and had to disassemble and reassemble a second Time. But it was worth it.
I also had a hard time removing the motor box from the swing, as I did not remove the battery box or rotating mirror. Thus, had to force out the attached wire that moves the swing, in order to remove the motor box. All In all, it works great. I gibe myself and these instructions ??.
mainttech4 months ago
My donor was a $4 black Airwick from Family Dollar. Works great. Thanks!!!
joann.donald4 months ago

My puppy chewed the cord that goes into the swing and plug in apart. There is no saving it. Do you have any suggestions on how to repair this?

This totally worked. I have the snuga bunny model.
Michael JL5 months ago

I pulled this off on my Fischer Price Snug-a-bunny. It had some wicked metal cross bar wedged in keeping me from the inside, but I just bent it out. Also, couldn't find Airwick so I used a Lysol air freshener instead. It already had the capacitor too. Couldn't have done it without this video guide! Best part is now the rocker runs smoother and quieter. Happy mom, happy baby = happy dad!

spjika made it!1 year ago

Thanks for this!! First rebuild the yellow cog slipped down the spindle a bit too far and I didn't notice, resulting in hella noisy operation. After much prodding and cajolling it played nice and just slipped back into position.

Now to replace the air sprayer device I borrowed from the office to test this out..

PavanA1 spjika6 months ago


I have the same model, any idea on how remove this metal strap.

Motor casing is below this strap, any suggestion is really appreciated..



I have this model as well and came across the same problem. Unfortunately this thing just does not come off on its own. I actually ended up sawing the strap off. I didn't like the idea of sawing through it, but it was better than having a broken swing. Anyways I was then able to replace the motor and got a swing that worked again.

For anyone else with the same issue, the metal strap comes off if you release the tension on it from the legs (after unscrewing it of course). Unhook one of the legs that is connected to the bar coming from the motor casing and turn the bar so the pin is no longer creating tension on the strap. Then it pops right off. Reconnect the leg and proceed.

I wish i saw this. I just bent mine to shreds! argh! common sense eh?!

obdurate136 months ago

Thanks for putting this up. I followed the directions and although my soldering skills are rusty I was able to get the swing fixed with a couple of hours of work. If my soldering skills were better I could have done it in 30 minutes. Much better than simply buying a new unit and repeatable when/if the next motor fails.

Did it all, test ran before reassembly, motor won't start without a little spin. Runs good and changes speed after it the little help spoon. Line voltage low across motor leads, batteries new, plugged into wall, 6 VDC on indeed from outlet.

What did I miss?

cshepp116 months ago

Thanks for the great instructions, saved me much time. I purchased the motor from Gresko Industries. Fast shipping and only $15.00.


lherring817 months ago

I tried using this fix but it did not work. My swing would barely swing without the aid of a push. Once pushed it would slowly build up speed. So I took apart my swing and bought the air freshner for the motor. The motors were identical! I removed all hardware from the old motor and soldered it to the new one. NOTHING. I will sping the gear only when i give it some assistance, and when it turn it does turn fast but not powerful. It will not turn the cog in the housing. Also, the speed control does not have any affect on how fast the gear will turn nor does it turn the motor off once it starts to spin (Freely). My soldering skills are amatuer, did I mess something up soldering or do I have something else going on? All my connections were solid and I even revered the positive and negatives and achieved the same results.

The same exact thing happened to me and I don't believe it has anything to do with my solder skills. The motor would not shut off and now the new one is burnt out as well...

Yes. Mine would just start and would not shut off but not enough power to actually turn the cog. Tried it several
Different times. I am at the point of buying a motor off ebay but I am concerned that something else is wrong.

I've read elsewhere that the polarity on the motor DOES matter so after I buy another new motor, I'm going to test that out. This one already burnt out on me because it wouldn't stop trying to go.

tmason47 months ago

This was awesome. Thank you for this! I use this method to fix a Fisher-Price V0099 My Little Snugabunny swing. I used the motor from an "air wick freshmatic ultra gadget" that I got at CVS for $6.79. The disassembly process for both of these is slightly different than these pictures show, but the motors were identical and everything worked great.

adawson82 years ago
This is amazing. I need more help though; I have no idea how to De-solder the capacitor, diode and wires from the old motor to attach them to the new motor. I have everything apart and I'm stuck on this step. Thanks - any help is appreciated
tmason4 adawson87 months ago

I know this is an old comment, but in case anyone else is stuck on this step, here are some methods to deal with this.

1) Best: Use a new 0.1uF ceramic capacitor and 1N400x diode instead of reusing the old ones. Most ceramic caps in the range of 0.1uf - 1uF will work, and I think in this application any 1N4001 to 1N4007 series diode will work. While you're at it, cut off the old 1/4" of stripped wire and restrip/retin. That way if you fatigued the wire when you were unscrewing everything, you start fresh.

2) Good: Get either a solder sucker like http://www.adafruit.com/products/148 or desoldering braid like http://www.adafruit.com/products/149 . You can get either of these at Radio Shack, too, and there are plenty of YouTube videos on how to use them.

3) Ok: While you heat the solder joint with a soldering iron, use a pair of metal tweezers or needlenose pliers to grab one of the component leads and gently pull it off the old motor. Repeat until they are all off. The problem is that very likely the component leads are crimped onto the lug and they will be hard to get off without damaging the components, especially the cap. You can also try snipping the component leads very close to the lug, but make sure you leave enough lead left to work with!

My wife replaced the swing motor by herself and it worked perfectly.

okay i my new motor in and solder everything back together but it only has one speed slow, it's suppost to have varible speed could it be a resister or something

This happens when the negative & positive wires are connected on the wrong sides. Reverse the wires and it will work full speed. Same thing happened to me.

jarrod.whitley10 months ago

PSA: This does not work. I did this, but the motor from the Airwick simply is not powerful enough to move the swing, which is no surprise since it's made only to pump out a spray of air, not move a 12lbs baby back and forth.

Look it suprised me too but, I've done the repaire several times and it works everytime. The motor does die sooner than the original (lasts about six months) but as long as you lube up the gears it works like a charm (very little noise). Also, what I have concluded is that the motor doesn't need to be that strong. It's like like pushing your kid on a swing, once it gets going it's just using momentum.

okay i my new motor in and solder everything back together but it only has one speed slow, it's suppost to have varible speed could it be a resister or something

music has stopped working on my swing is there a fix for this?

MichaelG810 months ago

Just followed the instructions to a T, and whoa....worked like a charm!

I too experienced a NOISY unit after reassembly but luckily, "spjika" from a previous post had the same issue and his fix was perfect!

Thanks a Ton!

glightning1 year ago

Does anyone know how to fix the MOBILE on one of these, or can point me to some instructions? The swing is swinging, but the mobile has stopped. Not only did the babe like that, but the swing is borrowed and they are now having another, so I need to fix it! Thanks!

fcallin1 year ago

Great directions; My baby is happy and I didn't have to buy and wait for replacement parts A+++:)

djsmok24211 year ago

I bought the air freshener and changed the motor and its doing the same thing.....the lights are dimmer than when it was operating good... it sounds like it turns once or twice then stops again. Not sure what other part could be causing this... any ideas?

Went to Wal-Mart and bought an Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra. Came home and took the motor out, was a perfect match. Swapped diode and capacitor, installed in swing and works perfect. As long as the motor holds up we should get 2 more grand kids out of this swing! My daughter couldn't believe we fixed the swing with an air freshener. The Fisher Price WEB site didn't even offer an option for replacing the motor. Thanks for the help!

alanbork1 year ago

I just tried this using one of the brown looking airwick devices (5.99 at target). Doesn't look exactly like the airwick in the photo, but the motor inside was the same, and very easy to get too.

I too had the noisy motor issue after putting everything back together, but I don't think it's the motor's fault (or if it is, it's only a contributor). And it's easily fixed. The thread gear that you push down over the spindle of the motor has a metal flywheal which wobbles quite a bit once the motor is spinning at full speed, and it will bang into the plastic housing that surrounds the assembly. The solution is to make sure the flywheel isn't smack-dab against the motor, but has a little extra space (don't push it on all the way). Then it doesn't interfere with the housing, and the noise is gone. It still vibrates a lot, so some tape or such may help dampen the sound and reduce transition, but the physical interference was causing all the noise that I could hear. Now it's the same volume as the old motor.

I just hope the new motor lasts!

postscript: my swing looks very different inside: it's a snugabunny, and comes with it's own AC adapter. But the motor itself looks identical, and the fix works! I think the swing in the photo would suffer the same interfearence issue that mine had.

Pretty awesome deal. Only took about an hour and a half of solder time, and another 20 minutes to disassemble and re-assemble, and it was working again. Thanks for the comprehensive notes on how to do this. This made my son's day. He was fussy for the past 3 days.

MarasMommy1 year ago
Thank you SO much for this! My husband was able to fix my daughter's swing with these instructions. He put padded tape on the motor, just like the old motor had on it, as he believed this is why people were finding it noisy. It isn't any louder than the old one was. Again, thank you!!

I layered a bunch of surgical tape for the same effect. Works like a charm.

I JUST got done putting the swing back together. It really does work. But now it is VERY noisy. Any hints as why it's so loud now and how to fix that? please!! This is the only swing my son likes.
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