How many headphones do you throw away every year, because one speaker don't play music?

Often, it's a simple problem:
The cable is broken.

So, why don't solder an other cable on the headphone?

What we need:
-new headphone cable (3,5mm)

Step 1: Open Your Old Headphones

Open the headphones with the knife carefully.
Please, don't cut yourself!

Step 2: Unsolder the Old Cable

Make a notice of the circuit inside, write down where the color and the white cable was.
Then unsolder the old cables and remove them.

Step 3: Solder the New Cable On

Solder the new cable on the circuit, like the old cable was soldered.

Close the headphone and glue it together.

Step 4: Test Your Repaired Headphone.

You're finished if it works!
If it don't works, then unsolder the new cable and buy a new headphone. Or test another cable.
<p>This is earphones, not headphones. Please clarify, Thank You</p>
So where can you get new cables?<br />
For example in an <strong>electronic-shop</strong>, like radio-shark (or in Germany &quot;conrad&quot; or &quot;reichelt&quot;),<strong> eBay</strong> or in the <strong>supermarket</strong> (very cheap earphones).<br />
&nbsp;you=lifesaver... its so simple, but i would have never thought of it. thank you x500&nbsp;
&nbsp;One note would to be very careful when soldering directly to the speakers. I've had a few earphones go down the drain because I got them too hot and caused damage.
Good instructable. But I think they are called "earphones" ,not "headphones", headphones are the big, 70's looking phones that are like a couple of sepakers pressed agains your hear(i have ones :D Yay!) My headphones are always getting loose cables, I didn't have soldering gun so i used duct tape.It worked!(for barely half a week...-_-). Now I bought a soldering gun and I'm going to open them up!(i mean...I spend 30€ on them...Buying another ones? No way, they're probably going to get messed again...

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