Picture of Repair your headphones (clean repair) !
How many headphones do you throw away every year, because one speaker don't play music?

Often, it's a simple problem:
The cable is broken.

So, why don't solder an other cable on the headphone?

What we need:
-new headphone cable (3,5mm)

Step 1: Open your old headphones

Picture of Open your old headphones
Open the headphones with the knife carefully.
Please, don't cut yourself!
slider3885 years ago
So where can you get new cables?
bakn90 (author)  slider3885 years ago
For example in an electronic-shop, like radio-shark (or in Germany "conrad" or "reichelt"), eBay or in the supermarket (very cheap earphones).
k_man935 years ago
 you=lifesaver... its so simple, but i would have never thought of it. thank you x500 
jacob56805 years ago
 One note would to be very careful when soldering directly to the speakers. I've had a few earphones go down the drain because I got them too hot and caused damage.
Good instructable. But I think they are called "earphones" ,not "headphones", headphones are the big, 70's looking phones that are like a couple of sepakers pressed agains your hear(i have ones :D Yay!) My headphones are always getting loose cables, I didn't have soldering gun so i used duct tape.It worked!(for barely half a week...-_-). Now I bought a soldering gun and I'm going to open them up!(i mean...I spend 30€ on them...Buying another ones? No way, they're probably going to get messed again...