Step 3: Prepare wire

Picture of prepare wire
Strip off the sheath to about 15mm from the end.

Separate the copper strands from the green nylon, from the smaller wire.

Twist the copper strands.

Cut off the green nylon.

Strip the smaller wire.

Tin the ends of both wires.
jsuhajda4 years ago
Great instructions. Something similar happened to my powerbook G4 adapter. When I went to remove the outer white insulation to get to the two wires inside, i found one wire in grey insulation, and the other wire in a braided mesh around a green nylon string.

Any suggestions on how to connect this braided wire with the end connected to the plug?
Mr_Ruckus6 years ago
I always wondered... what is that nylon bristle stuff for in head phones anyway. Antistatic Insulation?