Repairing a Grab Bar Door Handle





Introduction: Repairing a Grab Bar Door Handle

Following steps are for 2005 C240,

Mercedes: you interior materials suck !

Step 1: Oh No !!!

I fixed my driver side grab 2 years ago without documenting anything. When the passenger side broke also, Laws of Symmetry dictates that that I post the steps here ...

Step 2: Too Lazy ...

Yes, all the Benz forum said to replace it... But I'm way too cheap & lazy to order the $40 parts & remove the door panel.

My next best thing was super glue.You'll need:

1- Dab of Epoxy glue

2- Some mixer/spreader and holding thingie

3- Flat head screw driver

4- Anything stiff item that's around 10" high

Step 3: Cover Removal

Just take a flathead & carefully pry off the. Grab bar cover. Work around the edges & be very gentle.

Step 4: Create More Gluing Surface

The cover piece that had the broken end is useless now, I notched off a piece of the same diameter so there will be more gluing area.

Step 5: Spread & Secure

I mixed squeal parts of the epoxy and spread along the damaged area. Then overlay my patch thingie for best coverage.

Use the glue sparingly & swipe off any excess.

Step 6: Secure & Wait

My breakage needed a push up & in to secure it in place. Be creative ...

Wait overnight, pop the cover back & your set till the next one falls off ....



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    Yay more quick fixes for cars! This is pretty neat, thanks for sharing!

    Also you should totally enter this into the Fix it contest that's currently going on!