Repairing Camera Battery Cover




Introduction: Repairing Camera Battery Cover

This is my 1st digital camera with a broken battery cover, the plastic hinge was broken, hence can't close it properly without battery poking out.

Step 1: What I Need

1) children play dough
2) epoxy paste with hardener
3) screws and nuts
4) small hack saw

Step 2: Hack Off the Screw Head

use the hack saw and saw off the head of all the screw

Step 3: Mount the Screws

mount the screws on the place i wanted it to be and use play dough to hold it on position.. then shape the cavity of the mold so i can fill in epoxy for the permanent mounting.

Step 4: Mix and Fill in Epoxy

mix up epoxy and fill in the mold,... mold it thicker if needed..

Step 5:

leave it for 24 hours for curing,.. and i can hook up the nuts and fasten it securely to hold the battery..

thank you for viewing..



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