Step 3: Preparing the Patches

How many layers of fiberglass cloth you use depends on how thick your fiberglass shell is. Since I was trying to repair a 1/8" wall, I thought 3 layers of fiberglass material would be appropriate. 

A sailor friend of mine informed me that I would need to glass in a large patch first, and sequentially step down to a patch the size of the hole. I used kid scissors that I didn't particularly care about to cut the patches.

The largest patch extended a little past the outlined perimeter, with the next two patches cut sequentially smaller.

Am a fiberglass moulder (lamination) I want a job in London
<p>Thanks for the great information!</p>
<p>I'll have to give this a shot at work. We' have some minor cracks and dents in the glass that could use some fixing up. If the problems keep up, we'll have to get a professional eventually. Otherwise, this doesn't sound like that bad of an idea to get fixed. I'll pass it to my superior and hopefully he'll approve this project.</p><p> http://www.ejfiberglass.com/Services/ </p>
<p>Thanks for the clear instructions, I repaired a large pot in a fountain after reading this.</p>
Edit: &quot;BONDO&quot;<br><br>(darned autocorrect)
Why didn't you use Bonding as the filler?
i have always wondered how to do this
Good! <br>Went to my Blog, and see there, also, 2 Posts down, about Sandables: <br>http://faz-voce-mesmo.blogspot.pt/2013/01/reparar-fibra-de-vidro-rasperry-pi-e.html
Very useful info, Audrey, thanks for sharing it.

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