Step 3: Test & VOILA

 After I set the plastic cover back on in the inside, I started the car and sure enough the mirror works great. 

If I have to do this again I'll be extra careful not to lose the nuts as I take them off, they could easily fall between the door frame and another piece of plastic and that would be a bad thing. 
Did u have to replace the whole mirror? I mean the plastic casing thing too?
Cuz mine was dangling like urs but then blew off on hwy. So i need the whole thing!
OMG..... How did you know I broke my mirror last night. Thank GOD I have Cheez-It !!!! You are awsome, thanks for the instructions. :-}
&nbsp;I did this job yesterday. &nbsp;It went perfectly. &nbsp;Thanks for the help.<br /> <br /> Oh, If you roll down your window ahead of time, it makes it easy to hold the mirror in place as you place the first (top) screw on which will hold the new mirror on as you carefully place the other 2 screws. &nbsp;Also, there is a little tab at the bottom of the electrical plug. &nbsp;When pulling out the plug, squeeze the tab and pull. &nbsp;It releases the plug easily that way.<br /> <br /> I bought my new mirror from www.discountautomirrors.com. &nbsp;I paid $60.79 delivered, for a passenger side powered mirror. &nbsp;It was just like the factory one.<br />

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