Repairing a Hunter Fan Remote Control





Introduction: Repairing a Hunter Fan Remote Control

This is a Hunter UC7848. Even if your remote doesn't look exactly like this one, they work on the same principle.

When the buttons on your fan remote control stop responding, or intermittently working. It is very frustrating that the Fan On button works, but the Fan Off button stops responding and there is no way to turn the fan off. . This occurs because the contacts inside the remote are dirty. Once cleaned, the remote responds with featherlight touch.

A new remote costs $32.00 plus shipping. but you can fix it in 15 minutes with tools you have around the house.

Step 1: Opening the Remote

After removing the battery cover and the 9v battery, use a small, thin, philips screwdriver to undo the two screws that hold the cover together, and remove the back cover.

Step 2: Removing the Circuit Board

The board is being held in place with one phillips screw (two actually, the other one is also holding the back cover). Remove the board and flip it over.

Notice how dirty the contacts are.

Step 3: Cleaning the Contacts

Use a pencil eraser to rub the contacts clean. The eraser will collect the carbon gunk from the contacts.

Use a cotton swab with some rubbing alcohol to clean the contacts. repeat until the swab comes up clean.

Step 4: Cleaning the Contact Makers (buttons)

Use a swan with alcohol to clean the black points. Those are made of carbon and rubber and take a while to clean.

Step 5: Assemble

Place the clean board in the body of the remote.

Replace and tighten the screw that holds the board.

put the back cover on the remote and tighten the two screws that holds it in place.

connect the 9v battery and replace the battery cover.

You are done.

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This is such good advice- I hope you could help w/ my issues: 3 hunter fans- all 3 remotes broken: On 2 remotes- when removing 9-volt battery to change it, wire that battery gets attached to ripped in 1/2; 3rd remote- it works, but the plastic case itself is cracked in front. This causes Light, & Hi & Lo Fan buttons to get stuck in the pushed-in position often. HELP.

Carbon copy of Nicole's reply. (throw it out, it's old and not worth the effort) WRONG! The solution worked like a charm. Thanks so much!!!!!! Sorry I took the advice of a Hunter rep years ago, and replaced a older fan, when this was the fix all along.

worked for my Ellington wall control (unresponsive light switch). Tip: take pics as you go along, makes reassembly easier.


I used these steps on two fans that appeared to ready for replacement

great help

Big thanks from me as well. Saved me $30 on a new remote!

Wow, THANK YOU! I'm a beginner handygal so thought I'd give it a shot before i spent $35, since sticker info wore off. Very easy process, worked great! Our 23yo remote didnt have nearly as much gunt as your picture, but again, worked great and I feel so accomplished! lol Thanks again!

Perfect! I replaced a faulty remote years ago. Recently, the replacement started getting iffy. In addition to repairing the replacement, I was able to bring the old remote back from the dead. (I don't throw anything away) Now we have a fan/light remote for each side of the bedroom, and I'm going to tackle the dining room tomorrow. It's not a Hunter, but what have I got to lose? Thanks so much.

Great tutorial! Thanks for taking the time to share this!

Hi: I took the remotes off the main switch on the wall and flipped the wall switch off and on a couple times and both remotes began working properly.