The earphone on my S3 started to crackle and cut out as I moved the wire around. It was the one connected to the microphone.

Close inspection showed that it was likely to be a broken wire inside the white cable, probably just by the microphone (the white cable looked thin and weak at this point - it had probably been bent to-and-fro too much).

This instructable shows some pictures of the steps needed to repair it.

Don't bother trying, unless you have:
  • a fine soldering iron
  • a sharp knife
  • a strong magnifying glass
  • a very fine pair of tweezers
  • a steady hand.

Step 1: Find the Problem

Identify a possible problem area. Look for a damaged cable. I was suspicious of both ends of the microphone.
thanks helped me in repairing my note earphones. now as good as new
<p>Great. Nice to know that the Instructable has been of help (not many views!). Makes it worth the effort. Best wishes</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing</p>

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