Picture of Repairing a Samsung Galaxy S3 earphone which crackles or cuts out
The earphone on my S3 started to crackle and cut out as I moved the wire around. It was the one connected to the microphone.

Close inspection showed that it was likely to be a broken wire inside the white cable, probably just by the microphone (the white cable looked thin and weak at this point - it had probably been bent to-and-fro too much).

This instructable shows some pictures of the steps needed to repair it.

Don't bother trying, unless you have:
  • a fine soldering iron
  • a sharp knife
  • a strong magnifying glass
  • a very fine pair of tweezers
  • a steady hand.

Step 1: Find the problem

Picture of Find the problem
Identify a possible problem area. Look for a damaged cable. I was suspicious of both ends of the microphone.
sethisaiah1 year ago
thanks helped me in repairing my note earphones. now as good as new
qthurtle (author)  sethisaiah1 year ago

Great. Nice to know that the Instructable has been of help (not many views!). Makes it worth the effort. Best wishes

ekaran66301 year ago

Thanks for sharing