Introduction: Repairing a Toilet

Picture of Repairing a Toilet

my toilet was leaking from 2 spots and lacking bad. The 2 pics are of what broke the water line and the fill valve. the rubber seal on the fill valve was cracked and the lone had a pin hole in it

Step 1: Turn Off Water and Flush Toilet (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)

Picture of Turn Off Water and Flush Toilet (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)

You'll get wet otherwise

Step 2: Drain the Tank and Hose

Picture of Drain the Tank and Hose

unscrew fill valve and drain into a bucket

Step 3: Start Assembly of New Fill Valve

Picture of Start Assembly of New Fill Valve

pretty simple just make sure the rubber seal is tight and don't screw it too tight

Step 4: Attach Water Lines

Picture of Attach Water Lines

In picture 5 is the adapter that was needed to fit the line on and in picture 1 I hooked up the drainage tube.

Step 5: Attach the Floater

Picture of Attach the Floater

after you get everything else together turn the water on and make sure it will stop at the fill line

Step 6: Make Any Necessary Adjustments

Do a few test flushes and now you're done


Joey John 9821 (author)2016-04-22

the flapper that was on there was functioning properly so I didn't replace it. I will use the other flapper when it is needed.

poiihy (author)2016-04-21

Why didn't you install the new flapper that came with the ballcock valve?

poiihy (author)poiihy2016-04-21

You should also check to make sure that your flapper is not leaking water down the drain.

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