video Repairing a bellows camera
Repairing a bellows camera with black silicon rubber band:
very easy and
low cost!
abellows11 year ago

is really easy! This video will be useful to maintain camera bellows. Obtaining
high quality bellows for cameras will provide longevity and less maintenance.


giocad (author) 2 years ago
Thank you for your visit.
need to do the silicone dry for at least 24 hours before closing the bellows.
and before closing it must sprinkle talcum powder on the silicone. With this trick does not stick to itself. Hello
Phil B2 years ago
This is a clever idea. The weak link in a bellows camera is the bellows, which begins to leak light at the corners and creases in the bellows where the most wear happens. I expect you had to wait for the black silicone to cure so it does not stick to itself. Thank you for sharing.