Picture of Repairing a rotted wall or floor joist

I’m rebuilding a house after tearing it down to the bare studs. I found a few spots where (in the bathroom) the floor joist had gotten soaked through and rotted. This is how I fixed them. The house is over a hundred years old, and had surprisingly little rot. This house originally did not HAVE a bathroom attached to it, and the previous owners did a very slapdash job on adding one in. So not only am I dealing with the wear and tear of time, but also shoddy workmanship. Making it so that this house lasts another hundred years is my goal. :)

Materials Used:
2 x 6 board. size and length  varies
quick setting wood glue
3 1/2"  wood screws (length can vary depending on wood size)

Tools Used:
flat head screwdriver
circular saw
electric/ battery operated driver
3ft. level
speed square
elbow grease and patience

Step 1: Find the nasty spot

Picture of Find the nasty spot

 Find the rotten spots. This can be easy or difficult. You can poke the questionable board with a screwdriver and see if there’s any give to the board, and you can also do a visual inspection: a darker spot on the board can be a sign of rot.

Good job! I'm renovating a 60+ year old house and it has numerous foundation problems - including rot.
As added "insurance" you could use Simpson's metal joint hangers to your floor joist, just to give the flooring a little more support. (I'm not good at toe-nailing 2x's).
Again, great job. I know you have put in a LOT OF WORK to get to this point.
foobear4 years ago
Thank you for this. Please do more. I'm working on an old house too.
icabear3 (author)  foobear4 years ago
thanks for your response!! i will be posting up a few more as I come up on them. next up: either putting up a new wall or creating closets! I'll let the community decide on this one by responses!!
icabear3 (author)  bendingit4 years ago
suck up lol
Your boss votes for walls. Just saying. :)
You did an awesome job, I love having you as my General Contractor! :)
I cannot WAIT to see the bathroom once it is finished!