A couple of days ago my brother stopped by. He said he bought a 3 meter charging cable for his Iphone 4S, but it didn't work. He said he ordered it at a website without warranty, so he asked me if I could repair it. I said I'd look whether or not I could repair it. To tell you the result: I did it and now I want to tell you what you should do when you're in the same position as my brother and want to repair it yourself.
Off course before you read any further, make sure the problem is the cable, not your Iphone and not the usb port. If you do not know how to do this, here is an instruction:
Try to charge your Iphone with the cable and several differed usb ports. When your Iphone does not charge with any usb port, the problem could be located in the cable or in your Iphone (assuming not all usb ports are broken). Now try charging your Iphone with an other cable. If this does work, the problem is indeed located in the cable.

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

Here's a list of things you'll need to locate the problem and repair the cable.
- ohmmeter
- soldering iron
- some solder
- thin piece of metal
- utility knife
Not necessary:
- small screwdriver
- small pliers
Depending on where the problem is located, you might be needing some wire.
On the USB port, the colors which I have is, gray, green, white and blue, do you know which color wires go to what pin
do you know what colour wires go to what pin?
At the side of the usb port, the colour code from left to right is black, white, green, red. At the side of the iphone part, the pin at the center of the plug is ground, which is always the black wire. From this pin to the side, the colour code is red, white, green.

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