Picture of Repairing bent bicycle forks for Pedicabs
here's the problem, pedicab drivers like to hit things!
at least it seems so, they bend a fork every week. and the 1 1/8 threadless forks are 100$ each to replace
I'm going to show you how to repair a fork using a ten dollar common threaded fork
buy these things
a 1 inch threaded fork with side pull brake posts from Pyramid. use 24 or 26 inch forks as appropriate but I'd suggest 26" as the wheels, tires and such are cheaper. you can also salvage any fork from junked bikes.
get these things,
angle grinder
die grinder

Step 1: Cut out the old fork

Picture of Cut out the old fork
remove the lower race first! very important not to get weld spatter on that.
the fork is factory assembled by sleeving the fork legs and a collar onto the steering shaft,
first cut away the old legs like pic 1
the sleeve weld is at the bottom in pic 2, attack that with the angle and die grinders to separate the inner and outer parts
2nup350 (author)  sunjie200810012 years ago
It says "Not bad. I like it!"
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thanks. google translate and a few others kinda gave me that impression but none of them were very clear and it took combining single words from them all to come up with the idea.
batonas 2nup3502 years ago
I used google translate for the comment and it seems to be in Chinese and says something like not bad, like. hurray for google translate!!! :D
Bikebudy2 years ago
Step 4; If your going to buy a fork to do this!
Would you not just get the right fork?
2nup350 (author)  Bikebudy2 years ago
100$ for correct fork, two weeks shipping.
10$ for donor fork-in stock.
average one bent fork a week- save 4680$
amcayanan2 years ago
great tutorial! we have lots of pedicabs here in the philippines and this would help a lot.
Woo! Great job, and thanks for the share!