Repel Ants From the Mac Book


Introduction: Repel Ants From the Mac Book

Ants are the most frequent insect damage to the laptop, so it can damage the equipment inside it. Damage most often occurs is the death of LCD backlight.



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    Brake cleaner works on Wood boring bees, why not use it on ants?

    Good idea use a hair dryer and drive the ants farther down in the rotting apple. I wonder if thats what he said since i dont speak that language

    a mac is an apple essentially, so its natural for ants to attack it , kill it , and carry it off to be consumed

    its the food chain, and the mac is pretty low in it XD ( linux is the top )

    OH! The things we take for granted here in the US. I have had laptops for over 10 years now for work, and not one of them has ever been invested with any bugs that weren't software related.

    (Not trying to say we're better than you because we don't have this problem. Just pointing out how damn lucky we are that we don't.)