Introduction: Replace and Repair Tent Poles

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Most new tents have glass fiber poles with elastic running through the middle . These poles crack down the middle if you don't tighten your guide ropes enough to stop you tent moving to much . Most tent places like go outdoors keep used ones in stock from old display tents if you ask nicely they might give you a couple for free just tell them your tents less than a year old you brought from them.

Step 1: You Will Need.

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Replacement poles
A big needle
Strong fishing line
Marker pen
Face mask

Step 2: Getting Started

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Cut the knot off on one end of the elastic and remove the poles from the elastic .

Step 3: Cutting to Length .

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Mark the length of the old pole next to the new pole. Hold the new pole firmly and very slowly cut the pole to size making sure not to tear the fibers . WEAR A MASK WHEN WORKING WITH FIBERGLASS .

Step 4: Sanding

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Slowly sand the top of the pole to remove any splinters next sand the edges to a cone shape until smooth . Test fit the poles to make sure they fit snugly into each other .WEAR A MASK WHEN WORKING WITH FIBERGLASS .

Step 5: Threading the Elastic

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To thread the elastic knot one end of the elastic and tie the fishing line to the knot free end you will need roughly twice the length of the pole in fishing line then just tie the needle on the end make sure the knot s small enough to fit inside the pole freely . Place the needle and thread inside the pole and gently tap the pole on the floor until the needle is at the bottom then gently pull the elastic through .

Step 6: Last Pole

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You will have to pull the elastic tight through the last two poles so hold it around your finger then tie a double knot at the end of the elastic cut off the fishing line and its done .


leseagle made it! (author)2016-08-09

I use to have 5 patents on making tent poles specifically used in the Trade Show industry. I purchased over $1 million dollars worth of them over my 14 years. If you are going to use fiberglass ok but they are extremely heavy and will break. I suggest you go to REI (the company that gave me the name of the company I used in South Korea). You can cut them to any length and we used a 1/2" drill mounted on a board, with a custom auto tamper drill that cost about $80 that is sized for each size of aluminum tubing your are using. It simply cuts inside and outside at the same time and complete finished the end of the tube to factory perfect standards... then just run your bungee through it. We used a Fruit Bag stapler, however they are not used any more, but you can use any thing that will hold the bungee such as a small washer tied that will hold the system together. Many aluminum end tips are available with different purposes about $1 each. I made molds and produced our own special design that had a hole through it to staple the bungee and then a bungee tampering to squeeze and hold the end inside the tube. It worked very well and after selling $14 mil of our 1-25 products we had to close after the 2008 bomb sell. If you are interested in how I started my company and moved it from a $14 investment to a $14 mil. sales revenue over 14 years... I am in the process of writing my book. If you would like an advance notice of the book please send your email to:

RickyTaylor (author)2014-03-26

You can buy the replacement poles from most tent or camping stores

vladivastok (author)2014-03-20


samwise70 (author)2013-07-02

very nice ty.

Kiteman (author)2013-07-01

A useful skill to have.

One point; fiberglass dust is not great for your lungs - best to wear a dust mask when you cut and sand it like this.

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