Ever drop a TV remote and break the battery cover? Don't worry. It's easy to make a replacement. All you need is some scissors, paper, and a piece of plastic. I used the side of a soap container.

For my fix, I needed a battery cover for my old Casio CTK-450 keyboard. I've had it since I was three and I've probably been missing the battery cover since I was four.

You can use this technique to replace any battery cover that uses the tab and clip design.

Step 1: What's Missing?

Look at your remote/electronic doohickey and imagine the cover that used to be there. If you still have the broken piece, that's even better. Now hold your paper up to the void and trace a pattern where the original cover would go. Be sure to include the main plate, any fixed tabs, and the flexible clip.
I'm a little confused - how do you make the bit that actually latches the cover closed and keeps it there?<br><br>That's the bit I've never managed, and without one, it will just fall out under the weight of the batteries.
It's just a straight rectangle. When you bend it, it just makes a springy loop that pushes up under the case.

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