Replace Brake Pads on a Hayes Hydraulic Disk Brake

This is a quick way to replace the pads on your Hayes Hydraulic mtn bike brakes.
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Step 1: Tools

Needle Nose Pliers
Cone Wrench

Step 2:

Remove the wheel.

Step 3: Remove the pads

Now its time to remove the old pads, grab the tabs on the bottom of the pads with a pair of pliers. Pull down and they should come out.

Step 4: Put the new pads in...

So put the new pads in exactly as the others had come out, I find it easier to put the pad closest to the frame first, then the next.

The pads stay on with a small spring clip that fixes to a post on the piston of the brake.

Step 5: Spread em...

You sometimes (most of the time...) need to spread the pads after putting them in. If you do, DO NOT use a screwdriver, it can gouge the pads.

Instead slide a cone wrench in between the pads and you should be ready to roll.