Introduction: Replace Broken Samsung Note 3 LCD Screen

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This guide shows how to remove everything from the display assembly.

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Step 1: Remove the Rear Case

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Insert the plastic opening tool in the gap between the rear case and the base of the phone.
Twist the plastic opening tool.

Step 2: Remove Case From the Base

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Slide the plastic opening tool along the edge of the rear case.
Lift the case gently from the base.

Step 3: Battery

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Insert the plastic opening tool into the small gap between the battery and the phone base.
Lift the battery out of its placeholder.

Step 4: S Pen

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Place your fingernail in the groove of the stylus pen.
Pull the stylus pen away from the phone.

Step 5: Unscrew Back Chassis

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Remove the twelve 4mm Phillips #00 screws from the back chassis.

Step 6: Remove Back Chassis

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Insert the plastic opening tool into the Stylus Pen placement holder.
Lift the plastic opening tool so that the midframe separates from the base.

Step 7: Screw Removal

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Remove the single screw beside headphone jack.

Step 8: Unfasten Clips and Cable Connectors

Picture of Unfasten Clips and Cable Connectors

Use tweezers to remove both antenna clips.
Use tweezers to unfasten seven cable connectors.

Step 9: Motherboard Removal

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Pull up on the motherboard with tweezers.

Step 10: Spudger Tool Placement

Picture of Spudger Tool Placement

Insert the spudger into the headphone jack.

Step 11: Lift to Separate Headphone Jack

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Lift the spudger to separate the jack assembly from the motherboard.
Pull to remove.

Step 12: Metal Bracket Removal

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Remove the metal bracket located in the top left hand corner.

Step 13: Remove Vibrating Motor

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Remove the vibrating motor by pulling up on it carefully with the tweezers.

Step 14: USB Port Removal

Picture of USB Port Removal

Lift USB port from the front assembly using the tweezers.

Step 15: Display Assembly

Picture of Display Assembly

You are now left with the display assembly.

Step 16: To Reassemble Your Device, Follow These Instructions in Reverse Order.


wold630 (author)2016-03-16

Do you have instructions to put the new screen in?

summerleee (author)wold6302016-03-16

sorry ,i have not

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