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Introduction: Replace Canvas Roof With Corrugated Steel

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After a windstorm ripped the canvas covering from my portable shelter, I replaced it with corrugated steel roofing.  To prevent it sailing away with the next windstorm I anchored the frame to the ground with 3/8" spiral ground anchor screws.  If more protection is required the sidewalls could be covered the same way.

Step 1: Strap Detail

This is a closeup of a strap attaching a nailer to the pipe frame of the building.  The straps are cut to the required length from a roll of perforated pipe strapping and attached with heavy duty wood screws.

Step 2: Roofing Nailers

Two by fours are fastened to the pipe roof frame at 16" spacing intervals.

Step 3: Nailer Overlap

The nailers are staggered and overlapped so that the pipe straps are not too close to the ends.

Step 4: Tiedown Anchor Straps

Four tiedown anchor straps keep the structure from blowing away.

Step 5: Anchor Screw

Ground anchors are screwed into the ground about 18" .

Step 6: Anchor Strap Top End

The top end of the anchor strap hooks over a bolt through a pipe strap wrapped around the building frame.  I let roofing overhang the sidewall in case I decide to sheet up the walls too.  The structure is still portable if you have enough friends to help you move it.

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Thank you for sharing this. It's exactly what I need to get my creative juices flowing. I have some spare metal roofing and a metal gazebo frame. I'm going to set to work on it. Thank you.

We have a portable metal shed frame that I was thinking of doing the same including covering the end and sides. Just hate to waste the frame. My neighbor covered the roof on his with metal too. I really need the storage area. Thank you for posting it sure will help me.

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Thanks for your comment. My building is holding up very well after several years Alberta weathering. Best of luck with yours. If you care to keep in touch ...

thinking of the same I would put plywood instead than cheap aluminum roof with gutters and for the hollow tubes I will fill them with cement than instead of anchoring down I will put them on one of thoes brick fill with cement I will post pics n a process asap


Great idea. If you don't mind me asking how did you get access to and attach a single piece along the ridgeline?

good idea, the same thing happened to me. we have lots of wind where i live. i thought of doing this but thought the 2x4's & tin would be too heavy for the pipes.
u are a very busy guy for 85, i hope to be able to do half as much as u when i get to be your age. i also looked at your buried container, man! u always have a project going. great job. whats your secret for staying active?

This is a great article! Thanks for sharing! We've been looking for someone who does commercial roofing in Vancouver but now I'm thinking my husband and I might be able to do it!

Thanks for sharing this! I may try this eventually to my roof.
I was also thinking of looking for a Metal Roofing supplier to look for a metal roof? Thoughts?

There are other material that will work as well. If you do not have a frame or need a different size or some parts to make your own. See They have everything you may need plus replacement tarps, portable garages, portable carports, canopies and much more. Ask for Larry

Interesting post ! is a metal roofing manufacturer and supplies wholesale metal roofing and residential metal roofing materials.

When you screwed down the sheet metal, I assume you stood on a step ladder and reached across the metal. Some of those portable garage frames don't look like they would take too kindly to you putting too much locallize weight on them. IE my fat body standing on it. Lol.

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Right...and my 84 yo body likes flat surfaces only.

I've thought of doing something along those same lines but I'm afraid the local zoning board would have a kiniption fit. I do like the way yours turned out ! I was lucky to find a set of 6 mobilehome tie down screws on craigslist free section, combined with free electrical cable my portable shelters are well anchored although I have lost a couple of tarps

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Thanks for the reply. Zoning boards are not a concern here in the hinterlands.