Replace Interior Door Handle 1998-2002 Toyota Corolla





Introduction: Replace Interior Door Handle 1998-2002 Toyota Corolla

For some reason, the interior handles on Toyota Corollas ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS crack.

If you are sick and  tired of rolling your window down to get out of your car, this instructable is for you.

All you will need:
  • A new handle from Ebay
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • needle nose pliers
This will cost you less than 10 dollars and talk less than 10 min.

Step 1: Remove the Broken Handle

Remove the screw from the old handle. Keep the screw, you will need it to install the new handle.

Step 2: Remove the Old Clip

Locate the rod inside of the door, it should be within reach of your fingers. You don't need to remove the door panel!

Remove the old plastic clip from the rod with the needle nose pliers.

Step 3: Install the New Handle

  1. Pull the rod into the opening with the needle nose pliers.
  2. Slide vertical portion of the rod into the the hole on the clip.
  3. Snap the clip onto the horizontal portion of the rod.
  4. Position the handle in the door.
  5. Slide left, and re-install the screw.
Now you can open your door without rolling your window down!!



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    So, after removing the clip from the rod in Step 2, you attach the clip to the replacement handle before going on to Step 3, right?


    I'm on my 4th replacement handle.. The knock offs on eBay/amazon are POS. Can anyone recommend a good manufacturer of this item? Thanks in advance.

    Thank you for this! I agree that these Toyota Corolla interior door handles are made poorly: this is the third handle on my 1999. Yes, the aftermarket part seemed cheezy....however - it was a cheap fix and this time I did it myself, and for $10! It was frustrating getting the clip onto the new handle - but it just took a bit of time messing with it.

    Buy a used OEM door handle if you can find it. The knock off aftermarket parts on Ebay and some other websites are not made of higher quality ABS plastic, therefore will break soon after with use. The junkyard isn't ideal to pick up door handles, because there is no guarantee they will have the year and handles you are looking for. Most likely they won't have the part, and they don't keep track if they have the part, based on my own experience. Junkyards are for mechanics who need parts that require time to remove parts.

    Thank you, I got a good quality one on ebay from sideboost. I received the handle and everything fit perfectly. Thank for your instruction

    Thank you! I ordered a new car door handle on Amazon for 3 dollars and some change and just switched it out- it was SO easy, I would have been really mad had I paid for someone else to fix it!

    Thanks. I switched out the back door handle for the front one. My biggest thing was figuring out how the clip works. My handle wasn't as broken as yours pictured. Thanks again!

    Awesome tips. You saved me time and more importantly money. Very much appreciate your instructions and tips which were dead on.

    Many, many thanks. Does a replacement clip for the rod come with a new handle or do I need to get that separately?

    Is the old door handle supposed to easily pop out? Mine isn't.