Replace Ni-Cd Batteries With Li-Ion Batteries


Introduction: Replace Ni-Cd Batteries With Li-Ion Batteries

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In this video, I'll show you how to replace Ni-Cd batteries with Li-Ion batteries, which need protecting. Specifically, I'm giving my old drill new life.



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    Be positive and constructive. OK. Please change the title to "How I physically replaced these round tubes with those round tubes and also added a cool digital display black box thingy." to better reflect the content. The title is deceptive and makes one think they might learn something about the issues around replacing NiCd with LiIon.

    I used 5 li ion 2600mah samsung cells on an old battery drill. however now if i pull the trigger quicky or if i subject it to any load it just stops working. Any ideas?

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    I'm guessing that is because of the over current protection

    Can you charge them on the old charger and just monitor the lipo alarm to check how much charge they have?

    this was just what I was looking for. I'm swapping out the old and dead NiCads for Lithium Ions on a Colman Emergency Lantern. If you wouldn't mind would you explain why you bypassed the electronics on the NiCad Charger? My lantern has a 5.3 volt 1amp wall charger, and as an alternative a built in hand crank for end of the world emergency power when no other source of electricity could possible be found other than turning a miniature hand crank like a madman for 2 hours to generate a full charge of about 4 hours. I don't think I can bypass either charger given the construction of each. I could probably insert the tender from eBay though between batteries and electronics. What do you think? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    I need to do this with my work drill!!!! Perfectly good just abysmal battery life.....Could you post the link to your lipo protection circuit on eBay. I can't find anything like it on eBay AU

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    Just search for "lipo alarm", and you should have plenty to choose from. :)