Replace The ABR in bang and olufsen red line 45's

Picture of Replace The ABR in bang and olufsen red line 45's
 I know this is a pretty small minority but here goes.
Does the bass in your Bang and Olufsen Red Line speakers sounds a bit wrong? Maybe it can resonate at higher volumes, you hear rattling when moving them, or the bass just doesn't give that kick you usually had. Or maybe you know the ABR is knackered but don't know what to do without burning your wallet.

If you want an easy way to repair your ABR then read on.

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Step 1: Tools and possible parts

Picture of Tools and possible parts
This could depend on how badly damaged/degraded your ABR is. If the ABR plate has just fallen off the foam/cloth all it needs is glueing on. If the foam/cloth has degraded to nothing you will need to replace the it.

A philips medium sized screwdriver.
Glue for reattaching the plate to the foam/cloth.
Sand paper to ruff up the plate for ease of glueing.
A place to keep screws so you don't loose them, a small pot is ideal.

Tools and parts needed if the foam/cloth has degraded:
A new sheet of foam or cloth similar to the stuff the was there to begin with. I suggest a cloth similar to the cloth on the front of the speakers.
A sharp knife for cutting the foam/cloth.

A clear well lit work area :)
pasque4 years ago
Hi man really comprehensive and may well come in useful. I have just got a set that are on their way to me. However the speaker cloth on the front isnt in great condition. In your dismantling did you notice if it would be easy / possible to replace the cloth

Thanks Tom
odavidson (author)  pasque4 years ago
 HI Tom.
I found the speaker cloth was glued on pretty well, and clipped on as far as I can remember. I don't think it would be impossible just a little involved. The red line, as they get their name, is a separate plastic shell. And the cloth is gripped between this red shell and the front black/grey shell. Please post any images you can, maybe make an 'able about it.

I really love my speakers. Everytime i listen to them I'm amazed how good they are, so precise, and sound so good.
How much did you pay for yours? I got mine for £95 from ebay.

Thanks Oscar
 Hi Oscar
I got mine from Ebay as well paid 90 for them, they are the 45.2 version. I demoed the 60.2 version but they were a bit pricey. I will have a look and see if it looks possible to replace the cover as mine have a few nicks in them

odavidson (author)  pasque4 years ago
Hi Tom
That sounds cool, hope it goes ok. Post back when you get a look at them/try to fix the cloth.

ChrisJFinn5 years ago
Great set of instructions but when I took mine apart the plastic bands fell apart. Do you have any tips for what can be used to replace them?
odavidson (author)  ChrisJFinn5 years ago
thank you, glad to help
the two clear plastic bands separating the three sections?
I can't really say, at a pinch you could try a long bit of scotch tape doubled over so it doesn't stick to the black fabric.

Hope your speakers are good otherwise

lemonie5 years ago
Auxiliary Bass Radiator?