What do you do with those beautiful, expensive, and delicate solar-powered garden lights when the glass globe breaks?

Simply replace the glass globe with a modified Aqua Globe watering sphere.

To celebrate a great year of gardening, my sweet Jim gave me three solar-powered garden lights, much like the three in the photo below from Gardeners.com (http://www.gardeners.com). They put on a beautiful light show every night--we loved to watch them.

Each solar-powered garden light is packaged as a delicate glass globe on a stake; a solar panel on the stake powers an LED bulb under the globe. Various models of similar design are available.

The first glass globe fell victim to a garden tool I swung wide. I contacted various sellers, but no one would sell me the glass, and I hated to discard the solar panels and stake. Sadly, I pulled the stake out of the garden and set it aside.

Soon afterwards, a huge hailstorm came through our area, killing off the remaining glass globes.

I was not about to give up my evening light show, so we redoubled our efforts to find some sort of replacement for the glass globes. My mother was clearing out her gardening supplies, and she offered us one of those self-watering glass globes that are made for potted plants--sometimes they are marketed under the name Aqua Globe.

And the rest is, well, this Instructable.

Step 1: Supply List

You'll need these supplies:
1) A self-watering glass globe for each solar light you need to repair. The ones I used are branded Aqua Globe, and I found a two-pack at a local retailer for $10; I've seen similar products at various prices under various names--you can search the Internet under "Aqua Globe" or "self-watering bulbs."

2) Two sizes of rubber grommets--one that fits snugly around the stake (I used 1/4" inside diameter) and one that fits snugly around the smaller grommet.

3) Blue painter's tape

4) Black electrical tape

5) Sand paper (something that will work on glass--I used 250-grit)

And you'll need these tools:
1) A Dremel tool with a diamond wheel (for cutting the glass)

2) An Xacto knife

3) Safety glasses and work gloves
Nice, looks prettier then the original.

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