Replace air intake rubber boot on BMW M50 engines (E34)

Picture of Replace air intake rubber boot on BMW M50 engines (E34)
Rubber hoses and other parts, especially ones subjected to extreme temperatures or vibration, tend to loose their flexibility and crack or tear. Thus it's important to keep an eye on those on older cars. This time around I found cracks on the main air intake boot. A quick check on part availability on pelican parts revealed, that it's a comparatively cheap ($25) part, so I ordered it and once it arrive I headed to TechShop (, where I usually do all my car repairs.
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Step 3: Prepare air filter housing for removal.

Detach air temperature sensor connector buy turning it about 90-120* counter clockwise and pulling it off. Loosen clamp holding rubber boot around air sensor housing. Loosen two nuts holding the air filter housing. One of the locations is hard to get to, so you might need one of these (pictured) small step click wrenches. Also remove auxiliary thermostat, attached to the air filter housing.

Step 4: Remove filter housing

Picture of Remove filter housing
Once you verified that, nothing else is holding the filter box, start lifting it up while gently pulling the rubber intake boot off. It can be done by squeezing one side of the boot. If everything done right, the filter box should come out without any complications.