Picture of Replace air intake rubber boot on BMW M50 engines (E34)
Rubber hoses and other parts, especially ones subjected to extreme temperatures or vibration, tend to loose their flexibility and crack or tear. Thus it's important to keep an eye on those on older cars. This time around I found cracks on the main air intake boot. A quick check on part availability on pelican parts revealed, that it's a comparatively cheap ($25) part, so I ordered it and once it arrive I headed to TechShop (http://www.techshop.ws/), where I usually do all my car repairs.

Step 1: Scope of work

Picture of Scope of work
This work is relatively easy. You will need to take out air intake filter housing with air temperature sensor housing (attached to it) in order to get good access.
shalon4 months ago
Am planning to replace my BMW e34 525i m50 oxygen sensor but I Dont have a clue where to find it.can you please help