Replace Battery in Nike+ Sensor for Under $5





Introduction: Replace Battery in Nike+ Sensor for Under $5

My Nike+ sensor recently died and after looking around the web I found that they wanted $20 to replace it! So instead, contrary to what others on the web seemed to say, I took it apart and found the process very simple and it only took 10-15 min. and a $4 dollar battery.

Sharp knife
Pliers (optional, but handy)
Small philips screwdriver
CR2032 Battery
Electrical tape
Crazy glue (also optional, but handy :-) )

Please feel free to comment and rate! I'd love to hear your input!

Step 1: Disassemble the Chip

Use your knife to pry apart the side of the chip. Then use a small screwdriver to remove the 2 screws on the top.

Step 2: Remove the - and + Ends

For this part I also started by using the knife to pry up the connection on either side of the battery, although in the end I had to use the pliers to get the rest of it off. You can throw away the clear sticky plastic that comes off first. Then proceed to do the same for the top. Just in case, I saved the black strips from the top and reinstalled them on the new battery.

Step 3: Attach the New Battery

Now attach the new battery just like the old one was attached making sure to put the - and + terminals on the correct sides, add a little electrical tape to secure it all in, put in the screws and put the top on. Then use a little super glue around the edges and your good to go!

Let me know if I missed anything, and please rate!

Happy Trails!

NOTE: Thanks to manubx for fixing the low battery screen on iPhones and iPod Touches!  Check it out at 



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    dont do it! maybe they changed the design on the new ones but now the two pieces are glued together. if you do manage to get them apart without severing an artery, the battery is spot-welded to the rest of the device. i ended up buying a new one for $19. best of luck.

    Lol RE severing an artery. Just sliced finger open hella bad. That'll learn me for not scrolling down....

    Just sliced/stabbed thumb open at step one. Only just stopped the bleeding.
    I am not usually a klutz, but these damn devices are glued together good.

    I might give this one a miss.

    I have only one question. Do you have any idea how to get rid of the LOW BATTERY message from the Ipod screen after replacing battery? I am looking for this kind of info for a while , no luck.
    any ideas ??
    thanks !

    I have also few tips after replacing the battery in my sensor (it didnt work at the begging, had to do it twice)

    1. after disabling the sensor is good to remove the red wire using soldering iron.
    2. REMEBER to laeve the black tape on the green sensor (accelerometer), as it needs some space underneath to work properly.
    3.My advice when getting things together with the new battery is to start with the black (+) wire with the U metal ending by taping it to the battery,
    4.later as its already attached, do the same with the red one (with the U on its place u can make a strong taping, just go around the whole battery)
    5. place the accelormeter back on the battery as the last one
    6. use the soldering iron once again to put the red wire on its place.

    It´s weird but suddenly I overcome the low battery indicator problem.

    look after my post there (carozoynarizota)

    what did you have to do. Just replaced battery and my ipod also still says replace.

    I realized that the CR2032 is a very standard computer CMOS battery. So what I did was order the CMOS battery that came with the wire connector attached. Practically the same price as one without. Then I removed the male connector from an old PC motherboard, added some wires, then soldered them to the board. Then I glued the whole thing back together.
    Now I have a water-resistant sensor in which I can easily replace the battery.
    If someone can find out where to get the male end connector without having to remove it from a PC motherboard then we would have a perfect solution for everyone.


    I am using a different approch to place the replacement battery, look at the image.


    Direct link to a bigger image at imageshack

    I've looked around online a lot and have found where to get the best price on the CR2032 battery. Don't go to RadioShack, BestBuy, or anywhere else like that. Go to a local computer store. These batteries are used on the motherboard of most PCs. You may even have an old PC sitting around...?

    Big box stores had these from $5-10 for one. My local PC shop has it for $2.89.