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Good news everyone :)

I bought a Nike sensor a long time ago, with the promise that I would start running/walking more often and be able to track my progress. Turns out I didn't use it and when I finally decide to give it a try the sensor was dead already. :(

Not willing to buy a new one ($20.00) value I decide to search for options.

This instructables offers my take on replacing the battery of the Nike sensor.

Disclaimer: few of the pictures are not mine and I will provider the proper credit.

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Step 1: Disassemble the sensor

Picture of Disassemble the sensor
The way I did was using a X-acto knife to open the sensor, be careful not to cut yourself, this is a task that takes time and patience. Since I didnt take pictures during this part of the process I am using someone's else pictures.
hot glue... I love it! where does the sensor go? can't be the bottom of your shoe right?
pcapelo (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
no, it will go to a little pouch that I am also making.
I still have to cover the sensor with shrink tube, to make sure everything will be in place and then in the pouch.

I will have more info about the pouch, as a "bonus round", here, as soon I have it done.

thank you again