Step 9: Desoldering old DC power jack

Picture of Desoldering old DC power jack
Finally you can see the circuit board for DC power.

Desolder your old DC jack following the This Guide "How To Desolder Components""How To Desolder Components"

Another and much better guide to desolder and re-solder a power jack is DC power jack repair guide. Do-it-yourself instructions. The credit goes to Laptop Freak.

I did not use desoldering pump. Instead, I bought desoldering braid from RadioShack for about $5. Soldering before desoldering works pretty well, though.
svaughan6 years ago
De-solder with a solder wick or solder sucker! Best way to de-solder with cheap tools is to clip off most of the part you want to de-solder. Just leave part of the pins so you can get them out of the hole. The larger area you have to heat up the harder it is to solder and de-solder. So if you fix a lot of parts the best thing to do is buy the best tools you can.
tresho7 years ago
Some laptops DC power jacks are quite difficult to de-solder. Glad you got lucky here.