I got tired of paying 3 bucks a filter for my whisper 5-15 fish filter for my sons goldfish and the filters are becoming harder to find in the area I live in so I decided to make my own for what I later figured to be less then 15 cents a filter.  Im sure this same methode could be used on other like filters/pumps that use this same style filter as well, you will just have to adjust size and fit.

Step 1: Make a Frame

The replacement filters I have been buying didn't have any internal support.  Some of them do and some of them don't.  The last one I had did not so I had to come up with some sort of internal frame for the new filter.  I found that a light switch cover to fit perfectly. 
<p>Love it when folks find a way around spending so much money on this hobby when they truly don't just by using some good-ole common sense :)</p>
<p>Great Idea , Thanks for sharing !! </p>
<p>This Is gonna Be Awesome!</p><p>Can you tell us the dimensions of you filter? It might be the same as mine! Also, could the hot glue/poly fill fibers affect the water safety?</p>
<p>The poly fill for sure doesnt, I have never had any problem with the hot glue. The fish is about 3 times the size he was in the pict now. I have a larger filter but still use the poly fill/hot glue on homemade filters.</p>
Thank You!!! I can't wait to start building it!
You could try those freezer containers,cut two pieces to match,cut your your batting so it can be folded,add your charcoal,fold,put between the two plastic pieces,and use coated paper clips to hold it all together.Just a thought that I may try myself to save some money.
I like the idea of the polyfil. I've had the same problem finding the little filters. I pulled out the frame from a used one and cleaned it up, then made a little sack for it from old tights. I use activated charcoal in mine. I think I will add a slice of polyfil as well to catch the finer bits of gook.<br><br>Nice and very clever! Thanks.
Great idea. I have a 55gal and a 10gal tank, so I go through filters three at a time. I am considering doing this, but am concerned there could be some ill effects from the hot glue. Have the fish stayed pretty healthy?
Fish is fat and Happy...I dont think the glue as anything in it that will dissolve...dont know for sure but I have not had any problems with it...

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