Picture of Replace hooks with sugru + magnets

There are two sides to everything, shelves are no exception.

For most of us keeping things organised can feel like a constant battle. Declutter your space with this simple idea.

This hack will save you a few seconds, a few times a day, and oh man are those few seconds satisfying!

For this project we used

Step 1: Choosing your magnets

Picture of Choosing your magnets

For this project we are using the super strong neodymium magnets from our sugru + magnets kit.

You can try this project using your own neodymium magnets + sugru, but make sure the magnets you choose are strong enough to hold what you are going to hang.

what is sugru? we don't have this in my country, but maybe there is an equivalent. does it go hard or does is stay payable?

It hardens after it cures so that it will stay in place better, and it is available online. I've never seen it anywhere besides online.

Ohtaror1 year ago

Smart idea indeed. What is the advantage of sugru over super glue?

projectsugru (author)  Ohtaror1 year ago
super glue will work but there are quiet a few benefits to using sugru, I'll give you a list: 1: super glue on a magnet has the tendency to shear off after time. 2: sugru is removable (on an untreated wood it will leave a stain but on treated wood it should come off with no marks) 3: If you want to bond a magnet to a surface that is not flat, like a bike handlebar, then sugru will fill the gaps. 4: sugru has excellent damping properties so will absorb impact that will help prolong the life of the magnet. I hope this is helpful.
hunter9991 year ago

Wow, this is awesome! :D

Smart idea to stay clutter free!