Picture of Replace instrument panel lights on 2000 - 2007 Subaru Impreza
It's really frustrating when the lights behind your gauges burn out, because you can't tell how fast you're going or how much gas you have left! Luckily they are easy to replace.

My car is a 2004 Impreza sedan. This procedure should be identical for all 2000 - 2007 models. Other Subarus will be similar but not identical. 

Step 1: Remove the "Combination Meter Assembly" (aka instrument panel, or gauges)

Picture of Remove the
The repair manual calls this the "combination meter assembly". Normal people call it "gauges", "instrument panel", or "instrument cluster".

Start by moving the steering wheel as far down as possible, to give yourself space to work.

Take off the black trim piece around the instrument cluster by removing 2 screws in the top of the piece. Sorry my picture is cut off. See step 2 for a better view.

There are also 2 snaps at the bottom of the trim piece, pull it directly towards you firmly until they "click" out. To get the piece to fit past the steering wheel as you remove it, try tilting toward you. 
noedan01 made it!10 months ago

Subaru Impreza sport 2004: J'ai remplacé les 5 ampoules brulées par des ampoules #74 achetées chez Canadian Tire à $2.25 chacune. Tout fonctionne parfaitement. Travail minutieux mais facile. 5 vis à enlever. Merci beaucoup.

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Thank you! I need to replace the light bulb which illuminates the odometer and check the "check engine" light because it doesn't come on during the self test.
vmartinez82 years ago
thanks for the great write up, came in real handy when I had to replace some lights in my gage cluster as well. In addition I removed the original green tint and added a light strip behind the spedometer and tachometer to provide better ilumination. leds are bright enough that it provides ample illumination even with the dimmer turned all the way down.
igor29992 years ago
Not bad