Picture of Replace the fan forced element in a wall oven
It's easier than you think!

Simpson Evolution 808 oven made in Australia in 2000. Almost all ovens made in Australia by Electrolux (Westinghouse, Simpson, Chef, etc) in the last decade or so use a very similar design so this instruction will suit.

I was half way through cooking a pizza when my safety switch tripped off the power to my house. I flicked it back on and all seemed fine ... until I came back to check on my pizza. The oven temp had dropped to almost nothing even though the fan and oven light were still working. So rather than buy a new oven I figured I could fix it.

All I needed was a phillips screw driver, a small hex socket drive and an 8mm spanner.

1. Turn off the mains at the switch board. There might be a switch near the oven or stove too, turn that off as well. Check that the power is off!
2. Remove the screws holding the oven to the cupboards. Mine was held in by 4 timber screws on the edge.
3. Slide the oven out of the wall. I used a small table to support it.
4. Remove the hex drive screws that hold the top lid on.
5. Using a trusted multimeter CHECK THAT POWER IS OFF! There are now exposed power terminals.
6. Undo the supply power terminals and remove the cable. I taped mine up.
7. Remove the back cover - more hex screws.
8. Pull the spade terminals off the heater element.
8. Inside the oven remove the shelves and side racks. They pop off the wall.
9. Pull the rear fan shield towards you. It should pop out at the top and then lift off 2 small tabs.
10. Remove the phillips screw at the bottom of the heater element.
11. Remove the 2 spring clips.
12. The element can now slide down and towards you.
13. Replace the element and put it all back together in reverse order.

I bought my spare element for $66 from Statewide Appliances. They said it was an extremely common part shared by lots of ovens.

Hope that helps.
KimW37 months ago

We also changed the thermostat at the same time which was not hard for those who follow a wiring diagram ok. We thought we may as well while it was out of the wall.

KimW37 months ago

Thank you very much. Your instructions worked well on a Simpson 808W Esprit wall oven. All back up and running now.

mikie_121 (author) 8 months ago

It seems like people are having success wiggling the cables into the oven rather than taking the back off. I guess just be careful you don't damage the cable insulation or pull cables into the fan motor.

I'm glad these instructions are helping people!

Thanks heaps, these instructions worked perfectly! I also just niggled the element out rather than undoing from back and found it easier than I thought it would be.

And again... it was cooking PIZZA!!!!... still worth it, delicious!

temper2 years ago
This is unbelievable! I was just doing a search on how to replace this exact same element and here it is on good old Instructables!

I wasn't sure how to get those clips off and didn't want to break something - you showed me that and I found that there is enough slack on the wires to pull them off inside the oven so I don't have to pull the oven out - which is good (unless there is a sting in the tail when I come to replace the element - just off to get it now).

Now, I know you won't believe this but I swear it is true, *I* was cooking a pizza when it blew - I make my own with lebanese bread, pizza cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, sometimes a bit of bacon whatever.

Well you certainly get my 5 stars - and I officially owe you a beer (or whatever your drink is).

Thanks heaps.
temper temper2 years ago
BTW I got the element for $35 - I was quoted something like $77 from electrolux - and if I had a service man do it I would have been up for well over $200. So again - thanks.