Replace the Knob on Your Car Radio for $.01





Introduction: Replace the Knob on Your Car Radio for $.01

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Conceived and photographed at red lights on the way to work. The knob was missing on my car radio when I inherited this car, and it is really annoying. When I scrapped an old CD player, its knob popped off while I was carting it around in the car. I got this idea when the knob rolled under my feet.

You will need:
A radio missing a knob
A knob from another useless device
It is best if the knob has a slot in it
A penny


Step 1: Insert Penny Into Knob

If your knob does not have a slot in its post, you could possibly create one, or maybe use an epoxy.


Step 2: Insert Into Radio Post

Now you insert the penny & knob combo into the slot in the radio post.

That's it! You're done. Enjoy your much more comfortable radio.




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    The bigger the knob, the bigger the boom. And, I bet it goes all the way to eleven! :)

    all blaupunkt radios have knobs that can be turned to infinity

    Mine turns to infinity +1. The tuning knob divides by zero and produces a rational number. Such is Blaupunkt. And yet, the damn thing still keeps killing lights in the faceplate!

    I've actually frequently used a penny alone in the past, never thought of using it as an intermediary for a different kind of knob. Well done!

    The MAC-Daddy of all radio knobs! I love it and the simple ingenuity of adding it on with a penny. The penny is probably less expensive than any other device used to "convert" the knob!

    it's big ghetto and ugly but he didn't say it would be oem and it's either this or no volume i like it in the world did you lose your knob to your car sterio? very cool trick thou...

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    they get cracks as the plastic ages,then it falls off and rolls under a seat when you hit a bump in the road

    What is the purpose of the penny? I would think it would be a cheap washer spacer, whatever), but I doubt you have a drill in your car.


    wow. this is pretty ghetto

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